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Let Customers Promote Your Products while You Rest

Magento Affiliate

With Magento Affiliate, you can effectively organize pay-per-sale affiliate marketing program in your online Magento store.

An affiliate program is one of the most powerful ways to market your products online. With well-organized affiliate program, you can gain increased traffic and sales, generate qualified leads, extend your brand awareness, and get better search engine rankings.

The Magento Affiliate extension allows you to organize automated advertising campaigns that will help promote your products or services round the clock.

With the Magento Affiliate module, you pay the affiliate based on conversion of sales. If a customer follows an affiliate link to your website and makes a purchase in accordance with the rules of your campaign, the affiliate is paid. You can pay him or her fixed percent rate, tier percent rate, fixed amount or tier amount.

So the charm of Magento Affiliate is that it allows you to build a team of sales reps which use their visitors and opt-in lists to advertise your products and services. You don’t have to pay them anything until they make a profit for you.


  • Affiliate functionality

  • Configurable campaigns:

    • rule-based system for products selection

    • adjustable date period

    • allowed customer groups

    Campaign Configurations

  • Adjustable per-campaign rates:

    • fixed percent

    • tier percent

    • fixed amount

    • tier amount

  • Transactions-based system

  • Convert customer to affiliate manually or automatically based on group

  • Manage Affiliate

  • Ability to set minimum withdrawal amount and holding period

  • Reports with visualization: Sales, Conversion, Traffic sources

  • Ability to generate a report for any period of time

  • All reports can be downloaded in CSV file

  • Sales Report

  • Ability to exclude taxes while earning calculating

  • Notifications sent to admin

  • Ability to add commissions from backend

  • Multistore support

Visit the Magento Affiliate product page to see a demo version of the extension.