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The Sociable Magento extension is a perfect solution for social bookmarking your products and store pages.

Nobody would deny the great impact the social media has on increasing website traffic, creating valuable backlinks, and getting referral customers. With the Sociable module, your site visitors are allowed to share any page of your Magento store on any social networking site.

Today we are excited to release Sociable v.1.2 with new 'rel="nofollow"' attribute for sociable links added! Now you can disable the search engines indexing for the “Share” button.

In the 1.2 version of the Sociable module, the issue of compatibility with Facebook Link aheadWorks extension is also solved.

Find the extension demo and features on the Sociable page.

The Facebook Link extension for Magento helps you promote your store among your customers' Facebook friends quickly and easily. You can configure the module so that if a customer logs into your store using their Facebook account and makes a purchase, a post is automatically left on the customer’s Facebook wall, giving details of the order items or with your store notice.

Since the latest update, some bugs have been fixed in Facebook Link v.2.1.1:

  • incorrect behavior when new account creating

  • posting on Facebook wall error

  • pop-up issue

  • incorrect locale determination

Get more information about the Facebook Link module on the product page.

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