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Magento Connect March Statistics

Hooray! Take off your winter coats, mittens, scarfs and say as loud as you can: “Spring has come!” Finally, we can forget about cold nights, winter melancholy and infinite sadness. As you know, spring is the appropriate season for producing all kind of things :) Magento developers aren’t a big exception, so as a result, lots of new extensions are ready to meet online marketers’ needs. Now it is the right time to provide Magento Community with the new Magento Connect statistics for the first month of spring.

In terms of growth, the extensions for the following categories are among the top four:

    • Images & Media (+ 54)

      Wow, it’s an astonishing result!


    • Category&Product Page Enhancements (+20)


    • Catalogue (+29)


    • Personalization (+25)

Magento Connect March Statistics
aheadWorks also made its valuable contribution and introduced lots of updates for our extensions. While you’re enjoying the perfect quality and premium user experience of our products, we are ready to come back in May with the new Magento Connect statistics.

Stay tuned!