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Magento eCommerce Gamification Suite Involves Your Customers into Exciting Game

A large number of companies try to integrate game mechanics into different kinds of consumer-facing websites. Now, when the eCommerce Gamification Suite extension is officially released, this business practice is also available for Magento stores owners.

eCommerce Gamification Suite

Due to eCommerce Gamification Suite, merchants can drive wanted behaviors and promote friendly competition within the site community. The module brings game fun and excitement to the shopping process. It allows to stimulate users with game points, achievements and ranks for performed positive actions.

Customers are involved into the catching game created by the eCommerce Gamification Suite extension. Clients do their best to fulfill the conditions set by store administrators and occupy the leading positions in the Top Chart.

We are glad to inform that the eCommerce Gamification Suite extension is available in our store to help you motivate the activity of users.

Look at the key extension features:

  • Points

  • Achievements

  • Ranks

  • Live Stream

  • Top Chart

  • User Public Profile

Interested in this module and want to get it? Visit the eCommerce Gamification Suite page right now.