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Magento Education: Six Indispensable Free Resources For Magento Developers

Graeme-CaldwellEditor’s Note: The series of posts about Magento education for users and developers are provided exclusively for our blog by Graeme Caldwell, an inbound marketer for Nexcess.

We have already taken a look at six best Magento resources for online retailers. It's time to address a thriving community of developers. Two of the causes of Magento's immense popularity are its openness and extensibility. Anyone willing to learn PHP can develop an understanding of how Magento works under the hood.

Whether you want to become a Magento master, develop a decent comprehension of how Magento works to be a better retailer, or simply scratch an itch by creating an extension that adds functionality, there are plenty of freely available resources for learning how to hack on Magento.

It can be hard to find the diamonds in the rough when it comes to educational material on the Internet, so we've compiled a list of six resources that every Magento developer should have bookmarked.

Magento Development

1. The Code

If you're already familiar with PHP, the best place to start learning Magento development is to study the code.

2. Magento Documentation

The Magento documentation provides a map for those browsing the code. Here you'll find each major component of Magento with their classes, interfaces, and files explained.

3. Developer Knowledge Base

For a somewhat gentler start, the developer knowledge base has the eight part introduction to developing with Magento. It gently eases you into Magento hacking with copious code snippets and explanations of best practices.

4. Magebase

Magebase is a blog written by Magento developers for Magento developers. If you want to learn Magento from those on the sharp end of Magento development, this is the perfect place to get your bearings.

5. Magento Developer Blogs and Articles

As you might expect from a platform as popular as Magento, a vibrant developer community has evolved. Some of the best writers on Magento are developers who know Magento inside and out. Their blogs are a great source to pick up tips, tricks, and best practices for managing a Magento store. Among the best are:

· Magento Quickies
· Alan Storm's Developer Blog
· Notes on Ecommerce Web Development
· 71 Must-Have Magento Tools

The Basics Of Creating A Magento Module - this article is getting a bit long in the tooth, but it's still one of the best introductions available for getting started with developing Magento extensions.

6. Social Media

In addition to the blogs, social media sites of all sorts can provide a rich resource for learning about Magento. Reddit, Quora, and Stack Overflow are among the best places to learn from the masters.

If you have any developer resources you'd like to see added to the list, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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