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Magento World Newsletter (November 9, 2009)

aheadWorks Co. is glad to present a traditional brief review of our month’s work - new extensions, guides and updates. But the most important point we would like to pay your attention at is the license change.


We are also pleased to announce that now you can follow us on Twitter and be informed about all aheadWorks Co. news and changes in no time!


Important License Change


After a number of requests from our customers, and before the next bunch of new releases, we have decided to change the extensions license terms and grant more opportunities to deploy and use aheadWorks products. From now on, we license per Magento installation, not per domain. Hope this change will help you to cut costs and enjoy more top-notch Magento modules by aheadWorks Co.


The whole text of the license can be found here:

New Extensions


Extensions releases, news, updates & promotions in aheadWorks Magento Group. One click to join!


Advanced Reports


With the Advanced Reports extension by aheadWorks you can improve the functionality of native Magento reports and create a complete picture of your business situation. Whether you want to run reports by countries, hours, days of the week or other criteria, Advanced Reports can help you get a complete picture of your business situation.


The main features:

    • "Bestsellers" report


    • "Sales by Hour" report


    • "Sales by Day of Week" report


    • "Sales by Product" report


    • "Sales by Country" report


    • Ability to display reporting data by week


    • Ability to display data from various charts

To find out all module features please visit the Advanced Reports page.

Customer Purchases


Customer Purchases incorporates a “Purchases” tab into the Customer Information page. Using the tab, businesses can observe a complete listing of any customer’s purchases. And with the “View Order” button, they can easily check the date and time each order was made; the product title(s); the quantity ordered; the price per item ordered; and the total purchase price.



    • Addition of “Purchases” tab to the customer information page


    • Comprehensive overview of any customer’s purchases


    • Ability to go directly to the order page


    • Fast two-minute installation


    • Easy-to-use interface

You can view screenshots and get more detailed information about the extension from the Customer Purchases page.

New User Guides


Proper customer care and support is one of aheadWorks Co. main principles. That’s why a considerable part of our efforts is devoted to the development of User Guides. A detailed and well-illustrated Guide saves your time, prevents from possible mistakes and helps to improve the extension functionality.


In October the list of User Guides was enlarged with the Advanced Reports User Guide. It is available in PDF from the Advanced Reports page. In the Guide supplied with numerous illustrations you can find the step-by-step description of the extension configuration and the detailed description of each report making.

Updated Extensions


Please don’t forget to check complete changelog on the product pages.


Follow Up Email


Follow Up Email is a powerful auto-responder and customer relationship tool that helps to keep your site in the customer's mind always. Use this automated email follow up extension and you'll never lose track of your customers even if they have abandoned their shopping carts.


Current version: 3.0.2

Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions

Upgrade cost: free for all versions

What’s new (the main features):
   + New events: 'Customer birthday', 'Customer logged in', 'Customer last activity', 'Wishlist shared', 'Product added to wishlist'
   + Sender details configuration for each rule
   + Sale amount, multiple product type and category condition options for each rule
   + Event can cancel emails generated by other events
   + New options: 'Send email copy to', 'Send test email', 'Send to subscribers only'
   + Abandoned carts tracking and restoring for registered customers and guests
   + Email queue with email preview
   + Manual email sending/cancelling/deleting option
   + Links tracking with detailed statistics


You can view all Follow Up Email features on the extension page.

Product Updates Notifications


With the Product Updates Notifications extension you can keep your consumers informed about the changes in your store - new products, stock updates, promotions and anything else you wish.


Current version: 1.1

Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions

Upgrade cost: free for all versions

What’s new:
   + Products column to 'Manage Subscribers' list
   * Filters and sorting fixed


To get whole list of features please visit the Product Updates Notifications page.

Help Desk Ultimate


Help desk Magento extension by aheadWorks is a perfect customer care and support solution for ecommerce sites based on Magento.


Current version: 2.5

Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions

Upgrade cost: free for all versions

What’s new (the main features):
   + IMAP and TLS support
   + New contact form integration system
   + Anti-bot and anti-spam protection
   + Admin can link tickets with orders
   + New improved customer selection interface when creating/editing a ticket
   + HTML links are parsed <a> tag displayed
   + Predefined reply templates for admin, allow to choose and edit/submit a ready answer
   + Ticket view/reply for not logged in customers


Please find out all the features implemented in new version on the Help Desk Ultimate page.


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That was a brief review of our new and updated modules. We are always happy to get all kinds of feedback. If you need a new feature in our product – just let us know – it has good chances to be implemented.


Thank you for being with us and good luck to your business,

Sincerely yours,

aheadWorks Magento department