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Make your Promotions Eye-Catching and Store Search Extremely Fast

Advanced Search

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Advanced Search is a perfect solution for search through Magento-based stores. This extension replaces an external search engine Sphinx so search works much faster, the server load is decreased, and the results become more trustworthy.

Some of the key improvements in Advanced Search v.1.1 include:

  • CMS pages index

  • Support of customer search terms

  • Sphinx 2.0.3 compatibility

Also the following bug has been fixed:

  • Incorrect attributes source

See the Advanced Search comparison table and play with the extension demo on the product page.

The On Sale Magento extension allows you to attract customers’ attention to any product by adding visually-appealing labels.

Only 10 items are left? New product is out? Inform your customers about it. You can specify two different label images and call-to-action text for each item on the Product and Category pages, and also set the number of days for the label to disappear.

Today we are excited to release the new 2.3 version of On Sale which is compatible with the Ajax Catalog aheadWorks extension.

The following bugs have been fixed in On Sale v.2.3:

  • Issues with multiple inquiries in database

  • Minor bug fixes

On Sale

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See the extension in work on the On Sale product page.