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Market Segmentation Suite 1.1 released

Today we are ready to announce the release of Market Segmentation Suite v.1.1 - a powerful and sophisticated targeted selling platform allowing you to plan and execute your marketing and merchandising strategies with pinpoint accuracy.

The Market Segmentation Suite extension allows you to create as many rules as you need to filter customers and orders in accordance with any parameter. To ease and improve the process of such rules adding/editing the "Save as" and "Save and continue edit" buttons have been implemented in the latest version of this software.

Moreover, due to code optimization the speed and performance has been considerably increased in Market Segmentation Suite v.1.1. Now all the operations are performed in a split second and the extension functions faster than ever.

The following bug has been fixed in Market Segmentation Suite:

  • Memory errors in large stores

If you want to get some more information, please visit the Market Segmentation Suite page.