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Meet Magento Spain 2014 Leaves Excellent Impressions

A few weeks ago we published a Magento Events schedule for all Magento-passionate people. Meet Magento Spain 2014 was the first in that list and the first Meet Magento event in Spain. Now we know that it was a great success.

The event gathered many famous Magento people and companies - about 50 speakers and more than 30 sponsors in total. Twitter was full of positive feedback on the event and gratitude to the organizers.
So, we asked some speakers of  Meet Magento Spain 2014 to share their impressions about the event from the inside.

Question: Meet Magento Spain 2014 just finished. Could you, please, share your impressions about the event in just a couple of words for our readers? What were the most exciting things and/or presentations for you personally?

Ben Marks

Ben Marks: Ignacio, the whole interactiv4 team, the sponsors, and Netresearch did an amazing job in Madrid with Meet Magento Spain. It's easy to forget that the Magento community experience isn't as well entrenched outside the US, UK, and Germany. Image source:

There were many of us from the US and Germany who have been to community events, and none of us were anything less than impressed with the first Meet Magento Spain. I have to believe that one of the primary goals for this first year was to introduce the spirit and strength of Magento community to a new group of people. The organizers and sponsors accomplished this goal to an amazing degree.

The best news is that, due to this success, we know the next iteration of Meet Magento Spain will be bigger and even better (I for one cannot wait to go back). A better, broader, more diverse Magento community strengthens things for every member, for our clients, and for our clients' customers.

Now I just hope the interactiv4 men and women can relax, get some sleep, and celebrate their success!

Tom RobertshawTom Robertshaw: It was a privilege to be at the first Meet Magento Spain event with community members attending from around the world. There were inspiring talks from Guido Jansen and Ben Marks and informative presentations from Bastian Ike and Ivan Chepurnyi to mention just a few. Ignacio and the Interactiv4 team pulled a fantastic event off and thanks for all their efforts and one would imagine many sleepless nights preparing! Image source:

Guido JansenGuido Jansen: Interactiv4 and Ignacio Riesco did an amazing job organizing the first Meet Magento in Spain! In a very short timeframe they were able to get a great location, great program and sponsors and over 400 people from the Spanish community attended the event. A wonderful accomplishment which shows we can expect great things of the Spanish Magento community in the near future. Image source:
We thank Tom, Guido and Ben for sharing their experience about the event. Now there is no doubt that it was really amazing.

Here you will find some great pictures from Meet Magento Spain 2014.

However, Magento spring 2014 started right off the bat and four events from our list have already passed, including CMS Africa Summit in Kenya. Kuba Zwolinski and Thomas Fleck represented Magento community there and we hope it was also a success.

Now, we all can’t wait to continue our travelling through Magento events with the next stop in Sao Paulo, March 25. Follow us!