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New extension - Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together extension continues our line of Amazon's innovative techniques adaption on Magento platform. This module has been created to substitute and significantly improve functionality and usability of Magento core module Related Products.

During the installation Frequently Bought Together turns off Related Products block and allows you to choose where to display its content by inserting a simple code in your CMS. Once embedded, the extension displays related products in a neat, comfortable and modern way, employing smooth and eye-catching AJAX and JavaScript effects. Frequently Bought Together does not only enrich your store content and make it look web 2.0 - it also attracts and encourages your customers to put additional products in their cart, increasing your cross sells and total purchase amount.

From AJAX side the module is powered by Pico JavaScript library - an in-house project of aheadWorks Co.

Frequently Bought Together takes its honored place in our set of perfectly crafted Magento sale motivation extensions.

For more information and demo visit the product page.