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New Magento Extension - Ultimate SEO Suite!

Ultimate SEO Suite

If your site has similar or even identical content accessible through multiple URLs, it can be defined as duplicate content. Search engines penalize such websites by clearing them up. To avoid such unwanted problem, use the Ultimate SEO Suite extension which adds a small piece of code (i.e. canonical links) to the head of each product page. Thus search engines will know the preferred URL that the duplicate content refers to.

Duplicate content is one of the biggest headaches for every SEO expert. Even if there are two different URLs for one page, the search engine is never definite which page to show on this or that keyword, which page to give the PageRank to, and which page to consider as the main. Eventually, it divides the authority and page rank on its own what makes the page you are trying to promote far enough in the search listings.

Identical content can seriously hurt your website page rankings, but using the Ultimate SEO Suite extension you can reduce the amount of duplication. When crawling and indexing your site, search engines adopt canonical URLs and single out the main among the duplicate pages. In other words, if there are two different URLs for one page, a canonical tag implemented by the extension tells the robots which page it should promote. This gives you more control over the URL returned in search results.

You don’t have to optimize the functionality of your website, eliminate self-created duplicate content, or change the code – just use the power of canonization.

With the Ultimate SEO Suite extension you get:

  • Canonical URL at the head section of the product page

    The extension adds rel="canonical" URL's to the head of your product pages what allows search engines to avoid crawling the same page more than once.

  • Canonical URLs in sitemap

    The usage of canonical URLs in your sitemap is the best insurance that the pages you want will be found and indexed by search engines bots.

  • Canonical URLs in Google sitemap

    Submit automatically generated canonical URLs to Google – allow this search engine to crawl and index your site more intelligently.


    Google Sitemap


  • Ability to split Google sitemap

    Google accepts only up to 50'000 URLs per sitemap or a file size of 10MB – rather inconvenient for large websites. The Ultimate SEO Suite extension allows you to split your sitemap into smaller more manageable files that get approved by Google.

  • Google sitemap images support

    If you allow including images in your sitemap, Google indexes these images and adds them to the image search attracting more traffic to your site.


    Google Sitemap Configuration


  • Auto-change to canonical URLs

    The extension automatically replaces short product URLs with canonical URLs all over the store. You can either leave default categories used in the canonical URL or easily change them for every product.



  • Complete multi-store support

    Don’t worry if you are running a multistore – with this aheadWorks extension you can easily set different canonical links for every product for each store view.

Please, find more information on the Ultimate SEO Suite page.

Note: the extension is compatible with Enterprise Edition 1.8 and Community Edition