New Reward Points for Magento 2 Makes Customers Loyal and Engaged

Reward points are among the most widespread and effective loyalty programs due to their ecommerce relevance, transparency and intangible nature.

They are especially advantageous for merchants as it doesn’t require immediate spendings, including rebates, cash back payments or free gifts, still they allow retaining customers and making them to purchase more beneficially.

New Reward Points for Magento 2 Make Customers Loyal and Engaged

The business logic behind such programs is quite easy. Customers are rewarded with points for some useful activities, e.g. newsletter subscriptions, reviews, social media sharings and sales, of course. Later, they can spend accumulated points on their next purchases, get new points and so on around the circle.

The Reward Points extension for Magento 2Except the main task converting accidental shoppers into regular customers, such programs allow merchants to collect a lot of customer related data and measure obtained results. For example, using the new Reward Points extension for Magento 2 by Aheadworks you’ll be able to segment customers by their lifetime order values. Reward Points are suitable for both SMBs and enterprise companies.

Reward Points for Magento 2

The Magento 2 Reward Points extension is a successor of our Points & Rewards module tailored for Magento 2 stores and designed according to the latest platform’s coding standards and requirements.

Backend Functionality

The main and the most important functionality of the extension is to provide points for purchases. The provided computational logic is beneficially flexible and able to meet requirements of any Magento store owner.

Located at Stores -> Configuration -> Aheadworks Extensions -> Reward Points the Earn Rates and Spend Rates sections allow you to specify the ‘points – base currency’ ratio for earned and spent points. According to your needs, you can differentiate rates for different stores, customer groups, and lifetime sales values.

Example 1. Wholesale and Retail Reward Point Rates
Imagine that you need to differentiate rates for wholesale and retail customers depending on their lifetime sales values. Below is an example that completes such a task.

Reward Points Earn and Spend Rates

Reward Points Earn and Spend Rates

Following the configuration, wholesale customers need to spend either $20 (0-$5000 lifetime sales) or $15 ($5000+ lifetime sales) in order to earn 1 reward point. However, retail customers need only $15 and $10 under the same conditions. The same way, you can differentiate spending rates for different customers and stores.

The settings allow you to specify point expiration terms and make customers to put their best foot forward to use points before that date.

Customers are also able to earn points for some actions in your store, including registrations, newsletter signups, social network sharings, and product reviews. Reusable actions are provided with daily and/or weekly limitations preventing possible abuses. You can also allow only actual product owners to earn points for their product reviews.

Award Actions

Award Actions

As far as customers should always know their point balances the extension provides several options to display balances on frontend. For example, you can add them to the top menu or product pages.

Frontend Settings

Frontend Settings

Transactions Grid
According to the above logic, most of reward point transactions are triggered by customers on the frontend. However, Magento admins are also able to add or subtract points from the backend.

For this, they need to create a new transaction from the ‘Transactions’ grid, setup the number of points (negative values are allowed), add comments for customers, admins or both, set expiration dates and select target customers. This functionality is also suitable for mass actions as it allows assigning points to numerous customers simultaneously.

All transactions are displayed in the ‘Transaction’ grid that allows admins to conveniently search, filter and sort transactions by multiple attributes, including customer names, emails, comments, balance changes, transaction and expiration dates.

'Transactions' Grid

‘Transactions’ Grid

Customers Grid
If the ‘Transactions’ grid shows all displays point transactions across the store, the ‘Customers’ grid shows point balances of certain shoppers. In addition to total number of earned and spent points by customers it also shows their lifetime sales, which is a greatly valuable indicator unique for Magento 2. With the provided data admins are able to distinguish most active and best buying customers and reward them individually, if necessary.

'Customers' Grid

‘Customers’ Grid

Product Categories Forbidden for Points Spending
The products that do not comply with the Reward Policy terms can be forbidden for points spending. The dedicated dropdown is added to category settings and allows you to disable the reward points functionality for products in certain categories or both in categories and subcategories. For example, you can disable gift cards or bestselling and fast moving items.

Reward Points

Reward Points

Frontend Functionality

Point Balances
Customers are able to recall their point balances from several places, including My Account areas and Top menus. The balance on top is site wide and available from any page of the store.

Reward Points in My Account

Reward Points in My Account

One more reminder of the total points number can be provided on product pages. As soon as customers enter certain product pages the notification below the price tag informs them about the available discount applied to the current price or tells that a customer can get this product for free.

Points Balance Reminder on Product Pages

Points Balance Reminder on Product Pages

Points to be Earned
Not only have customers an opportunity to inspect their balances, but they can also find out the number of points payable for purchasing certain products. The notification on shopping cart pages displays the number of points to be earned if the order is completed.

Reward Points Program Page
The Reward Points Program terms can be displayed on an individual page or explained on existing CMS pages, including Customer Service, About Us, Home, etc. A reference to that page is always available for customers in the Reward Points section of their accounts.


In addition to the approved business logic and powerful functionality Magento 2 Reward Points, just like any of our products, is covered with unit tests and complies with the Magento 2 coding standards. All this makes it a valuable loyalty tool for any Magento 2 store able to add a significant number of regular customers to your shopping audience.

You can purchase this extension in our store, and if you need some additional information on it, contact our support team please.

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