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On Sale v.2.4 Allows Adding Rules to Control Label Positions

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Numerous promotions are effective in marketing your products and services. But it’s usually rather complicated to attract your visitors’ attention to special products. The situation becomes even worse when the sale seasons come.

The On Sale Magento extension allows you to add graphical labels to your special or new products images with fast 3-minute setup. These labels can be displayed in catalog view as well as in product. You may use a label that comes into the package or upload your own one.

Today we are pleased to announce the release of On Sale 2.4 with such a significant feature as the rule system of label control. I will tell you how to create and apply rules to manage label positions with the help of three simple screenshots.


Create your own On Sale Label Rule
Choose websites and customer groups to which this particular label rule will be applied. Feel free to add the description of the rule, its duration, priority and set its status as Active.

On Sale Label Rule Information

Define the conditions for this rule
There are a bunch of specific conditions to trigger the rule. Choose the one you find relevant.

Conditions for Rule

Choose the actions
Pick up actions to come along with your conditions. Define the location where the label will be displayed (catalog and/or product pages) and its position on the item. Add the image and the text you wish to include.


The following bugs have been fixed:

* labels were not displayed when allow_url_fopen=Off and label used format

* incorrect label positions

* CSV file is updated

Learn more about the On Sale Magento extension on the product page.

You can easily download the On Sale v.2.4 version for free, if your support period is active.