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Product Questions 2.0 Acquires The New ‘Ask Customers’ Functionality

The Product Questions Magento extensionThe Product Questions extension saves time and prevents you from repeated answers to the same questions. Since customers are able to answer product questions, the module generates unique and useful content and arranges a close-knit community around your brand.

Product Questions v.2.0 takes your abilities to the next level with numerous powerful features and improvements.

New Features

"Product Questions" tab
Since the 2.0 version customers get an opportunity to browse and manage their questions and answers. The new ‘Product Questions’ tab, added to the ‘My Account’ area, displays customer’s questions and answers in an informative and easily readable format.

The "Product Questions" tab

The "Product Questions" tab

Frontend product page re-design
The product questions block on product pages has obtained significant improvements. The new format provides only a list of questions, while answers can be expanded by clicking on the arrow or question title.

Product Questions on the Product Page

Product Questions on the Product Page

All questions and answers are sorted by their helpfulness. Admin's answers are highlighted.

The number of questions, displayed on the page, is limited by a default value, and can be configured from the backend.

The Number of Displayed Answers

The Number of Displayed Answers

"Ask Customers" functionality
Customers are able to answer questions in two ways: directly on the product page on their own initiative or being invited by Magento admins.

A store administrator can configure who can write answers on product pages:

  • only registered customers, who bought this product;

  • all registered customers;

  • registered customers and guests.

Since the 2.0 version, the Product Questions extension acquires a unique ‘Ask Customers’ functionality, which allows store admins invite buyers to answer product questions via direct emails. Just navigate to Catalog->Product Questions->All questions->Choose the question and click ‘Ask Customers’ button.

Note: The list of customers, who get product question invitations, can be configured by the date of their purchases.

'Ask Customers' Backend Button

'Ask Customers' Button

The Product Question 2.0 extension is integrated with the Points and Rewards module and allows you to reward customers with points for their answers.

"Pending Questions" tab

The “Pending Questions” tab displays all unapproved questions in an individual table. You can manage their statuses right there and change them to ‘approved’ or ‘declined’.

Note: All questions, including pending ones, are also available from the “All Questions” tab.

"Pending Questions" Tab

"Pending Questions" Tab

Unsubscribe functionality
Customers have several possibilities to unsubscribe from service notifications generated by the Product Questions extension. Firstly they can do it from the emails, which now contain an unsubscribe link, which redirects. And the second opportunity is to uncheck a box at the “My Account” area. Firstly they can uncheck a box at the “My Account” area or follow an unsubscribe link from the received emails and mange the notifications list this way.

Subscription Options

Subscription Options

Sharing question and answers
Sometimes the same questions can be applied to similar or same products from different store views or websites. Now you can make a question and its answers visible on several pages. Here are the options, which define sets of pages for sharing:

  • product(s) – on multiple pages of specified products;

  • attribute set – on all product pages of a selected attribute set;

  • website - on all product pages of a selected website;

  • global - on all product pages of a Magento installation.

Questions sorting by helpfulness
All questions on a product page are sorted by their rate starting from the most helpful ones. Magento admins can set the helpfulness of new questions and change it for existing ones from the backend.

Note: Store admins can allow or prohibit guest users to evaluate questions.

The Option to Rate Helpfulness for Guests

The Option to Rate Helpfulness for Guests

Consider all powerful features of this extension on the product page. We also provide an extension's documentation there and invite you to visit our demo stores and evaluate the advantages of this product.