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Product Updates Notifications 1.0.4 released!

In our fast developing world it becomes hard enough to follow the novelties — too much information we get every day and quite often we just have no time to check for updates. The Product Updates Notifications extension helps your customers to stay in touch with your store and the products they are interested in.

Customers can subscribe and receive email notifications every time new products appear in your store, the prices or items quantity are changed, the promotions are held — anything you (as a store owner) want to inform your customers about. Logged in customers can subscribe by just clicking the "Notify me about updates" link, guests are only to enter their name and email.

The Product Updates Notifications extension allows you to place the link to one of the predefined positions:

    • under the title above the reviews block;


    • after reviews before the price;


    • after the price before the "Add to cart" button;


    • after "Add to cart" before short description.

You can also insert it anywhere you wish via CMS.

Find the extension features on the Product Updates Notifications page.