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Reward your customers, induce them to buy more

Points and Rewards
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The Points and Rewards Magento extension makes your site attractive and extraordinary. One of the best ways to interest your customers is to reward them for being loyal and choosing you.

Flexible rules of the module allow your customers to earn different number of points while buying products from a certain category, at a certain price, or according to any other item attribute.

Points and Rewards v. 1.3 is being released today.

The new version of the extension includes the ability to convert P&R coupon codes to points.

The following bugs have been fixed in Points and Rewards v. 1.3:

  • Incorrect points round up at checkout

  • Float values in points amount at checkout

Get more information about the Points and Rewards extension for Magento on the product page.

More Info
The latest version of the extension is perfectly suitable for the stores planning to build a loyalty  program on Magento 2.  The Magento 2 Loyalty Program Extension allows you to segment customers by their lifetime sales and create efficient tired loyalty programs. Different points earning rates motivate customers to rich upper loyalty levels and purchase more. If you need more information on the described functionality, please visit the product page of the extension.