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Pop-up+ Magento Extension
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The Pop-up+ Magento extension makes it easier for you to impart any information to your website visitors. With our module, you can be sure that the news won’t remain unnoticed. It is shown at the pop-up window which appears where and when you’ve specified.

The just-released 1.2 version of the Pop-up+ extension makes the popups AJAX-based and allows you to set up the lifetime of cookies. Now you can avoid showing the same popup to the same store visitors within a certain period of time.

Make the popups displayed on the individual basis with Pop-up+ v.1.2. Now YOU decide who can see this or that popup in your store - the Market Segmentation Suite integration lets you show popups to relevant audience!

Create an MSS rule and display a popup with:

· 10% discount coupon code to those who viewed a certain digital camera 15 times;

· a free delivery offer to those who added 7 chairs to cart and lives in Boston;

· special offers for those who just registered at one of your stores;

· warning to some customer groups;

· reminder about 3 products abandoned in the cart;

· Bastille Day congratulations to your customers from France;

· and so on.

Since the 1.2 version, the Pop-up+ Magento extension has become more customizable and you shouldn’t be afraid of looking annoying – just specify the general number of shows for each popup or per customer.

So if you limited the general number of popup displaying, you can always check how many times it has been already shown and correct the settings when required. Get more control over popups demonstrating!

Moreover, an issue with incorrect date format in backend has been fixed in the Pop-up+ Magento extension v.1.2.

Remember, if your support period is active, you can download the latest version of the extension absolutely for free!

Find the complete list of features on the Pop-up+ page.

More Info

The Magento 2 Popup extension is the next generation of the Pop-up+ module suitable for Magento 2 stores. The latest Popup Pro 1.0.5, released just recently in January, 2017, has the smallest number of bugs and rich functionality. Please purchase this module in our store and take advantage of the extension’s advanced functionality, including multiple triggering events, customizable design, effectiveness tracking, etc.