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Six Must-Know Facts about Emails

Email is one of the most trusted marketing tools. But are you sure you leverage this tool effectively? We often try to put customer satisfaction on the first place, but many times we miss the mark. Basing on the BlueHornet survey, we will try to find out what your subscribers really think about your emails and how to improve relationships with your consumers via email program.

Fact 1

76% of consumers expect to receive a welcome email once they’ve subscribed

Based on survey responses, consumers expect to receive a welcome email immediately upon signing up, as it’s essential to engage subscribers while they’re highly interested in you.

But remember, your customers don’t want to be bombarded by a flood of emails that are not relevant to their interests.

In the welcome email, you can introduce new subscribers to all the benefits of your email program: highlight your website, social media pages and SMS offering if applicable, provide links to helpful resources you offer, etc.

Fact 2

76% of respondents don’t want to receive e-mails unless they signed up for them

Don’t assume that you have permission to send promotional emails to your customers if they buy from you online. Ask for permission to send mails during the checkout process.

Don’t risk losing customer loyalty just because you sent unwanted emails. It would be much better for you to build a trusting, valuable relationship with your customers.


Fact 3

62% of respondents unsubscribe from e-mails to avoid not relevant messages that were sent too often

The primary reason consumers unsubscribe from an email program is because they feel they’re getting too many emails that are irrelevant to their interests and preferences.

Think of consumers as real people — not just email addresses in a list. Make sure your emails provide value and live up to the expectations you set when the subscribers join your program.

Use segmentation to target subscribers based on their interests and level of engagement.


Fact 4

41% of respondents are open to an option to reduce the frequency of e-mails rather than to unsubscribe

Considering that relevance and frequency are the top opt-out reasons, give subscribers the ability to change their preferences. Provide frequency options as an alternative to unsubscribing, so implement an opt-down program or a preference center to reduce unsubscribing.

Ask subscribers to take an optional survey when they unsubscribe to find out why they’re leaving. Use this data to optimize your email program. Consumers want to be in control of the type of content that they’re getting. Let your consumers control the terms of their relationship with your brand.


Fact 5

37% of respondents in the survey share e-mails over Facebook and Twitter

If subscribers see something share-worthy in an email they receive from you, they’ll often post that email to their social networks. Besides, take into account that social media integration with email could become your strategy for increasing the number of subscribers.

To maximize ROI of your campaigns add share-to-social links in your emails.


Fact 6

70% of all respondents immediately delete e-mails that don’t render well on mobile devices

A majority of consumers surveyed immediately delete emails that are poorly designed for mobile devices. Note: such kind of emails create a negative impression of brand.

You can use the following tricks to avoid the most popular issues with mobile view of email:

· if your text is under 12px, the iPhone will automatically scale it up and that can break your layout. To turn off auto-scaling, use the code style=”-webkit-text-size-adjust:none”

· poor contrast is heightened on tiny screens which make small elements hard to read. Pay attention to that fact while creating your email and remember that white text on a gray background is not advisable

· small call to action buttons invisible and hard to use. Make them at least 44px high, positioned were the thumb naturally rests and expand it across the width of the page. That will make no difference whether you’re holding the phone in right or left hand.

Create your emails suitable for mobile devices otherwise they could be immediately deleted.


It is important to set clear and honest expectations about your emails, think not only strategically but also tactically. Remember - you need to justify the confidence of your consumers to win their trust.