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Some real-life experience with Follow Up Email

I hope you all know our Follow Up Email Magento extension, a powerful auto-responder. Since the 3.3 version, this customer relationship tool allows generating coupons automatically and inserting them in follow-ups. So you can send discounts to customers who abandoned their shopping carts as well.

I decided to find out how effective using such coupons was. I contacted one Magento-based store owner (he did not wish to be identified) who ran Follow Up Email and asked him to share abandoned carts statistics with us. I was really impressed by the results!

This merchant told me that 73 shopping carts had been abandoned in his store in January. Every customer who hadn’t finished checkout process received a follow-up with a coupon code for discount. This code was applied 8 times. So the conversion was 11%!

Let’s round off for easier calculation and weigh up – if the average order is $100 in this store, and this web seller has 100 carts abandoned during a month, with Follow Up Email he earns additional $1100 per month.

Needless to say, that this online marketer not only compensated for the extension purchase within one month, but earned several times more than Follow Up Email cost. Sounds great, isn’t it?

I wish every Follow Up Email user has at least the same results or even better!