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Subscriptions and Recurring Payments 1.0 released!

The Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension by aheadWorks extends Magento abilities further – now you are able to sell accept recurring payments and sell subscription products! Ever wished to have memberships on your site? No problems – this extension can handle that. Dreamed about having subscriptions for your physical products? This can be done as well!

A host of advanced features makes Subscriptions and Recurring Payments an ideal tool for those who deal with subscription products and want to manage them efficiently and in no time. If you sell products that are usually bought with a certain periodicity (bottled water, pills, detergent, pet food), the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments extension is exactly what you need. You don't loose anything – simple products still can be sold as usual products with ability to subscribe. But once subscribed, customers become your regular consumers – what can be better?!

In Subscriptions and Recurring Payments the following features have been implemented:

    • Adds new product type - subscriptions


    • Ability to convert simple products to subscriptions in just 2 clicks


    • Simple product can be sold as simple or with subscription option at the same time


    • Delivery support with notice to postman


    • Flexible interface for creating subscriptions periods


    • Customizable subscription periods - any day of week can be excluded


    • Delivery pre-charge offset - does not allow to request delivery immediately on the purchase day


    • Alerts on different types of subscription events


    • Per-product period types customization


    • Configurable shipping per product


    • Easy-to-use customizable customer interface


    • Subscriptions list and statistics in the admin area


    • Subscribers listing in the admin area


    • Subscriptions statistics and management in the customer area


    • Optional first period price, can be different from the normal price


    • Membership support - moving customer to a specific group on subscription or unsubscription


    • Configurable guest checkout


    • Payment methods:

        • ePay

        • Check

        • Money order

        • Saved CC

        • Zero checkout


    • Integrated into standard Magento template - looks and acts like a native code


    • Easy 2-minutes installation


    • Meets Magento programming practices for most versions and customizations compatibility


    • 100% open source

More payment options are on the way - vote for the payment gateway you need in the comments of this post!

Find more information on the extension page.