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Tablet Customers Spend More and Enjoy Weekend Shopping More than Others

Our fast flowing life runs in an environment of screens. We work with their help, entertain ourselves and, of course, do shopping. Have you ever watched TV and caught yourself thinking ‘I like these shoes. I want to get them now! Where is my smartphone?’ Associating smartphones and tablets with online shopping is very common today, and we eagerly perceive them as normality rather than innovative tech. To prove this, let`s look at bare facts.

Growth of tablet use
Tablets are expected to overtake PCs by 2016. And in terms of eCommerce, tablets grew four times in comparison with 2011.
Higher AOV (Average order value by device)
According to research by Adobe Digital Index, people who use tablets usually spend more. The average order value brought by a tablet is $123 (compare: desktop users place $102, mobile ones - $80). Tablet conversion rates are not different from PCs (2.3% provides tablets against 2.5% from PC).

Shopping at weekend
While entertaining themselves, people place orders with the help of their devices. If we analyze shopping trends by device at weekend, we will see that tablets occupy the leading position. Even computers are behind. 34% online shoppers use tablets while 24% prefer computers.


This metric is very important, because it shows whether tablets can substitute computers and other devices. It turned out, that for media consumption (video, audio, etc.) tablets are as effective as PCs. (Financial – 99%, retail - 78%, travel – 63%).

These facts give a lot to think over. It`s evident that tablets may outshine PC soon, so it’s a high time to optimize websites the way to make them tablet-friendly.

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