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Top-10 aheadWorks Extensions of 2012

Top-10 aheadWorks Extensions of 2012

Year 2012 didn't fade into obscurity and be sure we didn't cover up the results of the year and its accomplishments. Let's open the calendar and take a look at milestones that defined the past 12 months for aheadWorks team. Amazing thing - this “apocalyptical” leap year turned out to be really successful and rich in pleasant events for us and our partners and customers.

As one of the leading providers of Magento extensions, aheadWorks joined the conferences in the USA, Germany, France, Ukraine, the UK and Poland. In most of them we were entitled to Silver Sponsorship.

We are not used to rest on laurels and 2012 proved it right. As many as 9 new extensions were released, including your favorite One Click Checkout and Magento Affilate. A lot of existing extensions were updated as well as 6 significant themes that are compatible with Magento CE v. and v.

We are also proud of a new service, aheadCommerce, an innovative solution for creating tablet storefronts, released in 2012.

To complete the picture of the previous year, we display the Top-10 bestselling aheadWorks extensions of 2012. This top-listing also includes the quantity and quality of extensions feedback, written by our customers. The most interesting reviews accompany the modules below.

Follow Up Email 1. Follow Up Email (34 reviews)
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This powerful auto-responder helps you stay in close touch with your customers.

“This extention is extremely useful for creating chain-mails communications with your customers. It really helps you build a lasting relationship with customers and automate your sales force.” (Noam Levy | Nov. 28, 2012)

2. Subscriptions and Recurring Payments (30 reviews)
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The extension makes it easier for online store owners to sell subscriptions and accept recurring payments.

“I just want to say - that extension saved my business. Really good job, flawless features, customer level-up is brilliant.” (Tomasz | Nov. 3, 2012)
Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

AJAX Cart Pro 3. AJAX Cart Pro (28 reviews)
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With this module your customers will effortlessly add and remove products from their shopping cart without having to continuously click the “update” button.
“I like the following checkout. Things have been much better because of the plugin. Checkout was a breeze for most customers. Highly Recommended." (Jerome | Feb. 27, 2012)

4. iPhone Theme (23 reviews)
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This Magento extension automatically detects the OS used for browsing your website and switches your store to the required theme – desktop or mobile.

“Cannot beat it for the price. Does everything needed to enable users to shop from any of the mentioned mobile devices. Super easy to install and easy to turn on/off if needed. A must have for any online store, as the time people spend on their mobile devices has increased drastically!” (Brandon | Jun. 22, 2012)
iPhone Theme

Advanced Reports 5. Advanced Reports (17 reviews)
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This module improves functionality of native Magento reports and creates a complete picture of your business situation.

“I dont even use the dashboard anymore, that I normally accessed more than daily. I love the features such as hourly report and day report, country report... now probably going to shop for some more aheadWorks extensions, going to check right now.” (Maurice | Feb. 5, 2012)

6. Booking and Reservation (14 reviews)
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It is a feature-rich extension that helps you efficiently manage your booking and reservation work.

“Excellent extension and great support. The support team made all the customization needed to my business.” (Alexei | Jul. 27, 2012)
Booking and Reservations

 Help Desk Ultimate module 7. Help Desk Ultimate (14 reviews)
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This powerful customer relationship tool will keep your site in the customer’s mind always.

“Help us a lot on reducing time analysing and serching for e-mails from customers. Now we have everything at one place, organized and with the possibilty of attaching the order that produce the ticket!” (Joao | Apr. 29, 2012)

8. Points & Rewards (13 reviews)
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This extension opens the referral opportunities for your business and creates your own reward system.

“This has to be one of the most powerful plug-ins ever built for the Magento platform! Why more e-commerce sites aren't running a rewards/point program on their website is mind-boggling! The aheadWorks plug-in offers a lot of flexibilty in the way that rewards can be both earned and redeemed.” (Wallace | Jul. 14, 2012)
Points & Rewards

Custom Stock Display 9. Custom Stock Display (14 reviews)
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Use the extension for Magento to better inform your customers about stock availability of your products.

“This extension changes things for our business. Less customers were asking on the stock status. We programmed it this way it fits our business nature of stocks status and delivery time. Overall, this module is for you!!!” (Jerome | Feb. 27, 2012)

10. Group Deals (2 reviews)
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With this great extension, you can offer products and services at significantly lower prices.

"Great job, guys. Will definitely use this for an upcoming project of mine."
(Niko | Oct. 11, 2012)
Group Deals

I encourage you to leave your reviews for extensions on their product pages and influence the positions of your favorite extensions in 2013. By the way, according to aheadWorks Reward Policy, each review will bring you $3, which you can spend on your next order.

Are there any changes you want to bring to the current Top-10 aheadWorks extensions of 2012 list? Drop your ideas in comments!