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Updated Solution for Booking-Related Services is out!

Booking and Reservations

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If you are a business owner of booking-related service, we have a great Magento extension that will help you efficiently manage your booking and reservation work.

The Booking and Reservations Magento module allows you to offer and manage all kinds of bookable products. Whether you are a travel operator, run a cinema hall or organize events, this module will make your job an absolute breeze.

Today we are glad to release Booking and Reservations v.1.3 compatible with the latest versions of Magento: CE v. and EE v.! New version is enhanced with the following features:

  • booked dates are marked with red color at backend

  • if product has been booked but available quantity is not exceeded for that date, this day is colored green at backend

Also some bugs have been fixed in Booking and Reservations v.1.3:

  • issue with product editing from shopping cart

  • after changing booking period, configured price wasn’t updated automatically

  • impossibility to add product to shopping cart if “Period Type” was set to “Time” or “Date and Time”

  • incorrect work of {{var order_date}}

  • product with incorrect time range was added to shopping cart

  • incorrect CSS-style on product page in Enterprise Edition

Remember, If your support period is active, you can download the latest version of the extension absolutely for free!

Find the complete list of features on the Booking and Reservations product page.