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What keeps me trying new AW extensions? - Their return policy.

Hi there. Here's another post in our Store of the Month series. Today I’m talking to Brian M. Balster, Director of Marketing at MorterSupplements.


What: These stores sell alkalizing supplements, vitamins, minerals, and herbal tinctures.

Where: Monticello, IA, United States

Q: How long have you been working with Magento, and what attracted you to the platform?

A: I have been running my store for 6 years already. We previously were with X-cart and wanted a more robust software system. We researched many of the popular ecommerce options and Magento seemed to be the most customizable. So we just started fresh with Magento.

aheadWorks’ extensions in use

Q: Why did you choose aheadWorks Co. as a Magento extensions provider?

A: Many of the extensions were exactly what we needed, but what made AW stand out, was the 15 day money back guarantee, the excellent customer service, and the free upgrades. aheadWorks puts the customer first.

Q: Do you use only aheadWorks extensions in your store?

A: No, but if AW had all the extensions we needed, then we'd be happy to because of all the benefits I mentioned above.

Q: Name aheadWorks extensions you use.

A: Wow... the list is a bit long:

    • Advanced Reviews

    • AJAX Cart Pro

    • Checkout Promo

    • Customer Purchases

    • iPhone Theme

    • Search Autocomplete and Suggest

    • Product Questions

    • Price Match

    • Who Bought This Also Bought

    • Review Rotator

Q: What’s the most powerful extension/s for you and why?

A: This is a tough question. Most of what we have purchased has made a big impact on our site. The iPhone Theme was incredibly easy to set up considering all that it does.

The Search Autocomplete and Suggest and the Ajax Cart Pro extensions speed up the purchase process and give the site a much more professional feel.

The Advanced Reviews and Product Questions extensions help close the deal and answer a lot of common customer questions.

And the Who Bought This Also Bought and Review Rotator have both helped increase the likelihood that a customer will try out a new product. There really isn't just one. So many are good!

aheadWorks’ extensions in use

Q: Could you describe your experience in using our extensions?

A: What I like about these extensions is that they are super easy to install. I can just drag the folders into the ftp and everything is usually set to go. A downside is that many of the extensions require additional CSS work to give them the look and feel of our site, but that's to be expected.

As for the support team, they've been excellent. I've run into a few occasions, where the extensions wouldn't work correctly on our site, and usually within a few days, their tech team would have everything sorted out for us.

aheadWorks can even help customize their products. For the AJAX Cart Pro extension, I wanted to choose items quantity on the Category list view page. It wasn't a built in feature, so I asked AW what my options were. They said for a $100 extra dollars they could customize it for me. Made my life simple and made my customers happy because they can quick buy numerous products from one page now.

And what keeps me trying new extensions, is their return policy, I downloaded an extension the other day that turned out not be a fit for our website. I simply emailed them up and they promptly offered to refund the money. No questions asked. Having this great customer service gives me confidence to try new products that I otherwise wouldn't have.

Q: Extension of your dream. What extension would you like to use in your store that hasn’t been released yet?

A: An Easy PDF Invoice Editor - Right now, it's so difficult to edit the PDF invoices.

Product Description Tabs - being able to use tabs in the product description, one for the reviews, product questions, Ingredients, Similar Products, etc. The modern Magento theme has something similar to this, but it'd be nice to have it for the default theme and to be able to work with the various AW's extensions.

A Magento - Quickbooks - UPS/ Integrator which would allow you to easily import Magento orders into Quickbooks and process the shipments for them, then post the tracking info back to Magento.

Q: Any recommendations for people evaluating Magento?

A: Magento is not for the faint at heart. It does require some basic html knowledge and it will require patience in setting it up. You also need a fast Magento-designed webhost to support the robust site. That being said, Magento is very customizable. It can do just about anything you want it to.

Q: Any last words you might have?

A: Thank you for letting me share my thoughts and thank you to aheadWorks for the great extensions and incredible support. We are so grateful for these cost-effective add-ons. They've helped the website and the customers immensely.

Q: Thank you Brian. We are proud to be your extensions provider and hope our Magento modules will help boost your e-commerce.

P.S. If you would like to share your store with Magento society, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]