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You Did It!

The “aheadWorks extensions and development” group recently achieved an incredible milestone. The group has now gained the lead as the most active group in the Magento world! Best of all, the number of “aheadWorks extensions and development” subscribers is continuing to grow each day!

On Sale 2.0.1 released!

Now On Sale can take native Magento “Set Product as New from/to Date” fields into account when deciding to display “New” label or not. You can also override this period by number of days specified in the “Product/Category New Label” tabs of the On Sale configuration page.

Advanced Reports 1.1 released!

“Sales” report. With Advanced Reports, it’s simple to display the purchase date and time of products sold during a specified period. “Users Activity” report. This report allows you to observe customers’ activities (e.g., new accounts, reviews, orders) for any period of time. The Users Activity Report chart is set up to show three lines – new accounts, number of reviews and number of orders. “Sales by Customer Group” report. This great feature gives you the opportunity to see sales by groupings of customer types.

Advanced Newsletter 1.0 released!

Discover the power of a personalized and professional newsletter in improving customer retention and boosting sales. The Advanced Newsletter extension will help you increase your subscriber base with a highly customizable user interface and targeted sign-up options, while the segmentation features let you target your subscribers with the most relevant content.

Important license change

From now on, we license per Magento installation, not per domain. Hope this change will help you to cut costs and enjoy more top-notch Magento modules by aheadWorks Co. As usually, the whole text of the license can be found here: