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Magento World Newsletter (January 5, 2010)

They say: “Never do things by halves” and we follow this rule. Every released extension is just a half of our work. The feedback and the implementation of the features YOU require – is the other half. So in December we applied the majority of our efforts to the improvement of the already released extensions.


Besides in accordance of Christmas and New Year we were happy to gladden you with two more pleasant events - the release of new extension and our Forum availability!


aheadWorks Forum


We are not tired to repeat that feedback is very important part of our work. We care your satisfaction with our products and always highly appreciate opinion of every customer. Now everyone can register on aheadWorks forum and discuss any topic of interest:


General questions


In this topic you are free to debate any issue that doesn’t fall under other topics listed below.


Help me choose


Doubt whether this or that extension will work for you? Which module is better for you store? How would it perform on your store? Resolve all your doubts in this topic.


Installation and configuration


This topic is devoted to installation and configuration tips & tricks. Share yours and learn other people secrets how to set up this or that extension to get better functionality.


Feature requests


Use an aheadWorks extension but miss any functionality? Have thoughts like “This extension is good but if it could do this or that, I would surely have it”? Stop keeping these ideas in your mind – discuss them in this topic and share what features you require. They have good chances to be implemented.


Request a new extension


If you are running a store of certain direction and need some specific extension, or require a module adapted especially for Magento-based store, or just want some plugin able to do this or that, describe your request here – chances are we push it into development.




This topic is devoted to discussion of any questions concerning licensing and legal points. You have good chances to get a well-grounded answer or qualified help from experts among forum members.




Running a store with our extensions? List it here and boast how you’ve managed to make your online store more profitable, eye-catching or easy-to-navigate with aheadWorks modules.


All these topics are free to be discussed among aheadWorks' extensions users. We don't render any kind of support via forum. To request support use this form or Help Desk from your customer account.


New Extensions

Make sure you have joined our group on Magento to be informed about all extensions releases, news, updates & promotions!



Automatic Related Products


Automatic Related Products extension by aheadWorks allows you to automate the process of related products creation. Define the rules for products selection and let this software populate the block automatically!

    • Relating by lexical analysis (alike titles), recency or even randomly


    • Flexible positioning - use a CMS block or just display instead of standard related products option


    • Ability to fetch products from the whole store or only current category


    • Restriction by stock status


    • Price condition - fetch only products that are cheaper or more expensive than a defined price


    • Configurable number of items


    • Can be used for featured products, banners, promotions, callouts and anything else


    • Control the view of the block by editing a simple template

Find more information about the extension on the Automatic Related Products page.


Updated Extensions


Please don't forget to check complete changelog on the product pages.


Advanced Menu


With aheadWorks’ Advanced Menu extension you finally have flexible menu configuration functionality! In just two simple clicks, you can choose any look from the admin panel, making your store menu appear the way and the place you want.


Current version: 2.0

Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions

Upgrade cost: free for all versions

What’s new:
   + Magento Enterprise compatibility
   + All menu types redesigned
   + All menu types customization in one CSS file
   + Menu Behavior options
   + Displaying menu in any place using CMS
   + Extended CSS rule for Vertical Folding Menu
   * IE correctly displays all types of menu


View the screenshots of new menu types on the Advanced Menu extension page.


Who Bought This Also Bought


Get your customers to buy more by exposing them to a set of additional products most relevant to their purchase. There’s no simpler and more effective way to cross-sell your products with aheadWorks’ “Who Bought This Also” recommendation module for Magento-based websites.


Current version: 1.1.1

Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions

Upgrade cost: free for all versions

What’s new:
   + Magento Enterprise compatibility
   * installation procedure bugfix


Find more information on the Who Bought This Also Bought page.


Subscriptions and Recurring Payments


The "Subscriptions and Recurring Payments" extension adds a host of features to native Magento capabilities so that you can accept recurring payments and sell subscription products more easily and efficiently. Simply add this capability to add recurring revenue stream to your business model for products as diverse as info-products, software or bottled water.


Current version: 1.2

Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions

Upgrade cost: free for all versions

What’s new:
   + PayPal Website Payments Pro payment gateway
   + Magento Enterprise Edition compatibility
   + New subscription.next_payment_date variable
   + payment gateway
   + Reworked email templating system for alerts
   + Custom order status for subscription activation
   + Access lists support for Periodicity, Subscriptions list and Subscriptions alerts
   + Subscription products can be included in CSV export
   * Minor bugfixes


To get the complete list of extensions features please visit the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments page.


Easy Categories


The aheadWorks Easy Categories extension is the perfect tool to help you design a page devoted to making it even simpler for customers to find what they need. In a few simple steps, you can provide your customers with an overview of what your store has to offer.


Current version: 1.0.2

Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions

Upgrade cost: free for all versions

What’s new:
   + Ability to show category thumbnail without category name
   + Way of displaying subcategories if they have no child-elements changed
   * Incorrect Category list view in categories


If you need more information about this extension you can visit the Easy Categories page.


Review Rotator


Review Rotator allows you to easily display a random set of product reviews on your store’s website. This means that every time visitors come to your store, they’ll be greeted with a different review, encouraging them to click on links that will take them deeper into your site.


Current version: 1.2.3

Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions

Upgrade cost: free for all versions

What’s new:
   + Magento Enterprise 1.6 compatibility
   + Improved layout with extension's own CSS
   * Random function
   * Rotate block view


View all Review Rotator features on the extension page.


Minimum Advertised Price


With the Minimum Advertised Price extension, you can now sell your advertised products at the price you want, even if it is considerably lower than the minimum stipulated price.


Current version: 1.0.5

Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions

Upgrade cost: free for all versions

What’s new:
   + Magento Enterprise 1.6 compatibility
   * Add to cart for the item out of stock
   * Popup is broken when no thumbnail is available
   * Some actions work only for buttons


Want to know how the extension work looks at the frontend? View the screenshots or Demo on the Minimum Advertised Price page.

Frequently Bought Together


The Frequently Bought Together module has been specially designed to substitute and significantly improve the functionality and usability of Magento’s core module Related Products.


Current version: 1.1.7

Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions

Upgrade cost: free for all versions

What’s new:
   * Considering primary product custom options in price
   * Magento Enterprise compatibility fixed


Find the complete list of Frequently Bought Together features on the extension page.


On Sale


The On Sale extension allows users to add visually-appealing labels to any product images. Whether you need On Sale for seasonal discount campaigns or inventory clearances, you’ll be able to use the extension quickly and easily. Choose from the software’s pre-packaged labels or upload your own, then add text using the predefined variables. Imagine the sales you’ll make when customers see labels and text like: “Save $10 on this item today!” and “Hurry! Limited supply!”


Current version: 2.1

Upgrade: recommended from any previous versions

Upgrade cost: free for all versions

What’s new:
   + Ability to use an existing image
   + Discount labels threshold
   * IE shifts description below the image


Interested? Find more on the On Sale page.


Promotion of the Month!


The Christmas and New Year holidays have passed and all presents are given and taken, but not from aheadWorks! We invite everyone to take part in our promotion and get real benefit!


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That was a brief review of our new and updated modules. We are always happy to get all kinds of feedback. If you need a new feature in our product or new extension – just let us know – it has good chances to be implemented.


Thank you for being with us and good luck to your business,

Sincerely yours,

aheadWorks Magento department