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3 Big Bonuses You Lose If Your Support Period Is Inactive

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Being our regular reader or visiting our blog now and then, you may notice that we mention the ‘support period’ term frequently and often in relation to updates and new module releases. We encourage customers to extend the support period and check its status (it should be active), but you probably wonder - why on Earth you should do that. I’ll tell you what benefits you receive with an active support period.

1. Free access to 3 most recent extension versions

We constantly add improvements, major and minor, to our products. By default, with the basic price of an extension you get 90 days of the product support. Once it ends, we recommend extending it. Upon support period renewal you obtain free access to 3 most recent product updates including new versions that come out during the period. With inactive support period the list of versions available for downloading does not get updated and technical support isn't provided.

2. Choice to install any of 3 available extension versions at any time

Try all these 3 available versions: compare them and analyze which one is best suited for your needs. Afterwards, leave the most appropriate version to use. If you change your mind and think that the choice is wrong, it`s never late to make changes. You are free to choose between 3 most recent extension versions for your store at any time, when the support period is active.

3. Free technical support

Our support team saves you time and efforts and helps manage your software environment more effectively. Every support staff officer is highly qualified and the process of providing support is constantly renewed. Extending the support period enables you to request our consultation on any problems you face with aheadWorks modules and expect it to be solved from 24 hours to 2-3 days depending on issue complexity.

Please, do not forget that free support is not provided if:

- the product has been customized;

- achieving compatibility with third party solutions is required;

- extraordinary support efforts are necessary.

Q: Where can you extend your support period and what are the options?

A: You can extend or renew your support periods any time from the My Products tab in your customer account area.

How to extend support period

There is no fixed fee for extending the support period. When you purchase the extra support for a product, you can also select the duration of the new support period and see how much it will cost you.

You can extend your support period, active or expired, for another 90 days (30% of the extension original price), 180 days (40% of the extension price) and 360 days (50% of the original price).

Q: How to choose the support period for a new purchase?

A: While buying our extension, you are offered to select the support period of 90, 180 or 360 days which includes highly qualified maintenance of this product as well as an ability to download the module upgrades.

P.S. To know more about your support period, visit our Knowledge Base.