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Advanced Newsletter 2.3: Letting Customers Unsubscribe from the Unwanted Content and More

Magento and MailChimp are complement goods when it comes to marketing success and sales growth. However, they are neither built into each other, not natively connected. Customizing them each time merchants wanted to deliver newsletters to customers other than directly through Magento was resulted in substantial time loss.

Things have changed with the release of the Advanced Newsletter extension. Its main function is to help increase the subscriber base with a highly customizable user interface and targeted sign-up options, while the segmentation features allow targeting subscribers with the most relevant content.

Today I am glad to introduce the Advanced Newsletter 2.3 version that is 2.3 times more advanced than its first copy.

Advanced Newsletter 2.3

Here are new features the Advanced Newsletter 2.3 version possesses:

The "Test MailСhimp Connection" button in MailChimp configuration tab
This button enables testing the quality of Magento-MailChimp connection.

mailchimp configuration

The ability to unsubscribe from specific segment
Earlier versions of this extension didn’t allow customers to unsubscribe from content they found irrelevant. Now they can easily unsubscribe from particular newsletter segments and receive them portionally.

The “Number of subscribers” column in Segments Management tab
Besides other info such as Title, Segment code, Default store and category, Frontend and Checkout Visibility, and Display Order, the Segments Management grid now includes the "Number of subscribers" column.segments management

MailChimp grouping was created automatically if list was empty
Previously merchants had to fill in newsletter segments for Magento and for MailChimp separately. If segments were not created in MailChimp manually, segmentation didn’t work. Starting from the extension 2.3 version, merchants will create segments for Magento only, and then they will be automatically copied into MailChimp.

We have also fixed these issues:

* Fields data were not saved after editing on Edit Queue page

* Error when resuming queue item

* Advanced Newsletter broke native newsletter preview

* Subscription form was visible if there were no segments available

* There wasn’t warning message after disabling MailChimp on synchronization page

P.S. We suppose you have renewed or prolonged your support period, so you can download the Advanced Newsletter 2.3 at no charge in your account.