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Advanced Reports 1.1 released!

In Advanced Reports v.1.1 new reports were implemented:

    • “Sales” report. With Advanced Reports, it’s simple to display the purchase date and time of products sold during a specified period.


    • “Users Activity” report. This report allows you to observe customers’ activities (e.g., new accounts, reviews, orders) for any period of time. The Users Activity Report chart is set up to show three lines – new accounts, number of reviews and number of orders.


    • “Sales by Customer Group” report. This great feature gives you the opportunity to see sales by groupings of customer types.

Other Advanced Reports advantages are the software’s:

    • Ability to configure the statuses of all orders for processing


    • Reports data displayed by Quarter

The extension work was improved as the following bugs were fixed:

    • Problem with special symbols in the SKU field


    • First day of week problem


    • Double quantity in Sales by Country report


    • Lost session error

To get a complete picture of all extension’s features please visit the Advanced Reports page.