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Advanced Reports 2.4 Displays Sales Locations and Tracks Abandoned Carts

We always admire to see how our Magento 2 products become more functional and valuable for customers from one update to another and forward.

Advanced Reports 2.4 Locates Sales and Tracks Abandoned Carts

But, we are especially glad to witness how the Advanced Reports extension for Magento 2 becomes a truly sophisticated and complex reporting solution that suits almost any type of business or ecommerce task. So, today we present you the next update of this extension and its two new reports.

Advanced Reports 2.4

Sales by Location Report

The opportunity to divide sales by locations is especially useful for international stores. The Sales by Location report displays numerous order parameters by countries, states, cities, etc. Let me show you how it works.

Sales by Location Grid

Sales by Location Grid

The report page traditionally contains two sections, the grid and the chart. The grid displays orders by countries and includes the next columns: Country, Number of Orders, Subtotal, Tax, Shipping, Discounts, Total, Invoiced, Refunded, Avg. Order Amount, Avg. Item Final Price. This way, you can compare different aspects of sales by countries and distinguish your most favorable and promising regions.

The chart is a map actually and represents the information provided in the grid visually. Magento admins are able to switch among the provided map modes and display totals, shipping, discounts, average order amount or any other sales aspect on the map. So, it’s easy to find the countries with the biggest number of orders or the biggest amount of sales.

Sales by Location Map

Sales by Location Map

Location Drill Downs

The countries in the grid are presented as active links to the next lower level of the report - Sales by State/Region. Here the countries are presented by regions and the map displays the areas with orders and sales.

The end level of the report set is presented by Sales by City/Place. It features particular cities and sites that belong to a particular region or area. The set of provided sales attributes remains the same throughout all the levels of the report.

Sales by State/Region

Sales by State/Region

These three report levels allow you to create a full picture of orders distributed across enlarged or narrowed locations for general and particular views of sales.

Abandoned Carts Report

The next new report issued within this update is the Abandoned Carts report. It allows Magento admins and store owners to evaluate the situation with abandoned orders in their store and react to changes proactively.

Abandoned Carts Report

Abandoned Carts Report

The grid of the report contains next columns:

  • Total Carts - total number of carts either completed or abandoned during the analyzed period;

  • Completed Carts - total number of completed carts;

  • Abandoned Carts - total number of abandoned carts;

  • Abandoned Carts Total - total value of all abandoned carts;

  • Abandonment Rate - the number of abandoned carts divided by the total number of all carts.

As usually, users may choose preferred time ranges (days, weeks, months, etc.) and get aware of abandonment rate changes throughout the time.

The chart allows displaying one or several report parameters simultaneously to be conveniently viewed and analyzed.

The Advanced Reports extension for Magento 2


Currently the Advanced Reports extension for Magento 2 contains 16 reports including drill-downs. The extension contains several unique units, e.g. the Traffic and Conversions report, Profit and Margin calculations, and the Abandoned Carts report, of course.

However, we still have a lot of plans regarding the Advanced Reports extension and hope to make it one of the best reporting solutions for Magento 2.

And now, you can purchase and update this extension in our Magento 2 store. If you need more information on the extension’s functionality, you can take advantage of the provided technical documentation or try it in action in our demonstration stores.