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Tips to increase sales revenue and save customers money using Aheadworks Advanced Subscription Products Extension for M2

As we already know, a subscription based business model is a highly performing initiative, and once up and running, a subscription-based model will exponentially boost sales volume and increase revenue:

  • Boost recurring revenue
  • Build long-term customer relationships
  • Lower retention spend
  • Create revenue expansion opportunities
  • Provide better forecasting

If you are just beginning to explore subscription-based business models, and are interested in learning more, you can take a deep dive with Aheadworks professionals in this article. Our experts provide you with all the necessary information to kick off a successful subscription-based plan!

Whether you are a newcomer or an avid subscription seller, leveraging Advanced Subscription Products Extension by Aheadworks is a game-changer.  

Below, we have outlined several tips to help you grow sales revenue by simply allowing customers to save on delivery fees. This will boost customer sentiment and streamline shipping management for merchants. The initiatives reviewed will be accessible once Advanced Subscription Products Extension by Aheadworks is integrated with your Magento 2 store.

With the recent update of Advanced Subscription Products for Magento 2  (v. 2.15.0), we implemented the ability to add one-off products to an existing subscription

Now customers are able to add any type of product to an existing subscription.  This in turn allows the merchant to save on the shipping of those items, as they can be shipped off with the subscribed item(s). 

The order process is simple:

The customer simply adds products to the cart, right below the “Add to nearest subscription” button the customer can see the amount due for the subscription PLUS the additional item in the order. Clicking on the “Add to nearest subscription” button, any additional one-time products in the cart will be added to the next scheduled subscription delivery date. Once those items are shipped, the next scheduled subscription delivery date will include subscribed products only.

SARP Extension for Magento 2 | Add to the nearest subscription

Offer Mixed Cart: subscription and one-off products simultaneous purchasing  

Allow customers to purchase both subscription and one-off products within a single cart. Save shoppers shipping costs and time spent populating separate carts, providing a streamlined user experience.

SARP Extension for Magento 2 | Mixed Cart

Merge Multiple Subscriptions

Enabling the merge same-day subscriptions option you will no longer experience the hassle and increased cost of separate shipping as all the subscription products will be sent in the same shipment.

SARP Extension for Magento 2| Merge same-day subscription

To learn more about Advanced Subscription Products for M2 and its full list of functionalities, please visit the extension product page.