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Blog 2.2 Helps You to Move from WordPress

Customers love useful and engaging content, perhaps only just a bit less than high quality products at affordable prices.

And, if you decided to create some good narratives about your bestselling products, this content will succeed in any circumstances.

Blog 2.2 Helps You to Move from WordPress
So, for those content geeks that prefer direct talks to their customers we are putting Blog 2.2 in the spotlight.

Blog 2.2

Import WordPress Posts to Magento 2

Each store owner, including the ones using Magento, use to take good care of their content marketing as far as it directly influences SEO rankings, customer loyalty and engagement. If a merchant already has an official blog based on WordPress, for example, he might be interested to transfer it to Magento. Why? The reasons can be multiple, including smooth functional and promotional integrations, code and development process unifications, and so on.

Anyway, if you want to transfer posts from WordPress to your new Magento-based blog, you can take advantage of our import blog posts functionality. The functionality is located in the extension’s Settings area under the ‘WordPress Import’ field set and includes the ‘Override Existing Posts with the Same URL’ and ‘Import file’ options.

WordPress Import Functionality

WordPress Import Functionality

So, as soon as you have exported posts from WordPress to an XML file you can set the path to that file and download it directly to your Magento database. All the imported posts appear as drafts in Magento, including the overridden ones if exist. And, if the new posts belongs to a brand new category the module creates it in Magento automatically.

The second configuration option allows you to either preserve Magento-based blog posts that have the same URL structure in WordPress or override them with the ones exported from WordPress.

Grids Mass Actions

Since multiple blog drafts may appear as a result of the WordPress to Magento import process the current version of the extension adds several mass action options to the extension Posts and Categories grids prudently.

Posts Mass Actions

Posts Mass Actions

Thus, customers are able to enable or disable multiple post categories or change posts statuses (Draft / Published) in just one click.

SEO-friendly Post URLs

Starting with this version of the extension all blog posts will receive a new URL structure excluding categories. New and old URLs differ as and For readers, blog posts remain available via both URLs, but search engine crawlers will only receive the shortest URL option through 301 redirects.


The Blog extension for Magento 2

Blog 2.2 is the next step of our decided move towards universal and flexible products able to meet expectations of the widest range of Magento merchants. We have already offered the Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration mechanism for this extension and now provide the same for the WordPress to Magento movement. And, some SEO improvement, of course...

The current version of the Blog extension for Magento 2 is available for purchasing and updating in our store. You can also try it in action in our demo stores or get some additional information from the extension User Guide.