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Advanced Reports 2.6.0: Four New Reports and One New Design

Which one is more difficult: to pilot an airplane or manage a web store? Many people would say that currently online business is much more complex.

Did you ever think that the number of navigational instruments in modern airplanes is overwhelmingly high still they all find their place in the airplane cockpit? So, how can we rely on just several reports while driving an ecommerce project? It’s certainly not enough for any successful online business.

Navigation Instruments

The smartest decision is to find a reporting solution suggesting a comprehensive set of highly accurate and versatile reports able to cover all aspects of your online business. The Advanced Reports extension is certainly able to take on this role in your Magento store.

The Advanced Reports Magento extensionNumerous reports, the user-friendly design and flexible customization options allow Advanced Reports to meet the requirements of any business from small shops to huge stores and warehouses. Furthermore, the latest update brings a really new look and feel to this Magento module.

What is the Advanced Reports 2.6.0 update?

  • 1 Exclusive Dashboard;

  • 2 New Reports;

  • 2 New Units;

  • 1 New Design;

  • 5 Features.

So, we can rightfully say that the latest update delivers drastically new product to our customers.

New Features


Starting from the ver. 2.6 Advanced Reports has its own dashboard. This additional dashboard reflects valuable and some exclusive data unavailable from any other reports, including Items per Order and Average Order Value.

The dashboard is designed to retrieve the data related to the last operational month as it was without date range options.

Actually the dashboard is a sneak peek at six basic reports: Sales Overview, Bestsellers, Average Order Value, Sales by Country, Items per Order, and New Signups.

The Dasboard

New Design

Advanced Reports ver. 2.6.0 is a new module in terms of design.

The left-hand sidebar of the dashboard now becomes the starting point for navigation representing the whole list of reports grouped by their popularity and significance.

Starting from the current version some reports were renamed in order to avoid any confusions. Several reports gained pagination and all of them got new convenient calendars.

New Reports

Following numerous requests from our customers we added two new reports to Advanced Reports, which are included into the default set.

Stock vs. Sold
This report allows you to revise the quantity of products in stocks, out of stock items and their estimated out of stock dates.

You can also filter the products with certain stock levels or use custom stock level ranges for the purpose.

Abandoned Carts
The new Abandoned Carts report displays the total number of carts and the number of abandoned ones over a certain period.

The same as other reports, Abandoned Carts is customizable, so Magento admins are able to specify the columns of the grid, selected orders, and filter options. The provided data can also be exported to CSV or XML formats.

The accompanying chart displays the abandonment rate by days.

The Abandoned Carts report
The Abandoned Carts Report

New Units

The whole value of the Advanced Reports Magneto extension is provided by the full scope of reports, including additional units. Currently you can purchase 10 report units apart from the main product.

The whole list of units is available on the product page of the extension, while we’d like to draw your attention to the newly added ones.

Sales by Product Attributes
This report is exceptionally useful for those merchants, who need to dive into detailed analysis of sales by product attributes in order to determine product options mostly required by customers.

Using this report you will be able to determine most popular colors in this season or most preferable screen size resolutions and adjust the structure of your products in accordance with customers’ needs.

The Sales by Product Attributes report

The Sales by Product Attributes Report

Sales by Category
Sales by Category reports sales from certain categories or subcategories and allows you to analyze and improve the structure of your catalog.

The report shows most profitable or depressed categories, and reflects the moments of rises and decreases for certain categories. You can also determine best sale days for certain categories and schedule your promotions correctly.

The Sales by Category report

The Sales by Category Report

Extended Pack for All Additional Reports
From now on all 10 additional reporting units are available in one pack, which is much more advantageous than purchasing them one by one.

Profit Columns

Starting from the current version four reports received new functionality and new value added by profit columns.

Sales by Product, Bestsellers, Sales Detailed, and Sales by Category now have several new columns, including Total Cost, Total Revenue, Total Revenue (excl. tax), Total Profit, and Total Margin.

This long-awaited by our customers feature allows you to determine the profitability of certain products, orders, days, categories, etc.

Emailed Reports

Many departments of companies need to receive periodic reports in order to fulfill their daily routines. So you can schedule sending certain reports via email to Marketing, Accounting, and Sales departments from the backend: System -> Configuration -> Advanced Reports -> Scheduled Email Reports.

The corresponding configuration section allows you to set up both report properties, including period, time grouping, and file formats, and email options, including sending frequency and time, email sender and template.

Scheduled email Reports

Scheduled Email Reports

Other Features

  • As soon as many Magento admins note the necessity to create sales reports by brands the Sales by Manufacturer report now can be created using any product attribute, including manufacturers, brands, colors, etc;

  • The Sales by Coupon Code report now provides the opportunity to filter certain coupons, which is very convenient, especially when the list of existing coupons is tremendous;

  • The Sales Details report now is able to filter sales by Customer Names and Order Statuses.


All the mentioned above functionality improvements and features make the Advanced Reports extension compliant with all requirements applied to modern high-quality reporting systems. Thanks to the new design, advanced customization options and great functionality the module is suitable for all types and sizes of online businesses.

All our customers are able to get the new version of the extension on the product page or in their My Account areas.

For more information regarding the current update you can also refer to the product documentation, changelog, and knowledge base articles, or you can try the module in action in our demo store.

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