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Advanced Reports 2.7 Includes 23 Report Types

In the absence of information, we jump to the worst conclusions.
Myra Kassim

But, sometimes even having a lot of information is not enough to make a right decision, since you always need to view the obtained data from multiple angles in order to notice certain trending patters within the huge set of seemingly unrelated indicators.

Advanced Reports 2.7

For example, the rising of online spending observed during Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2015, according to Adobe Digital Index, is really great, but the AOV decrease adds some bitterness to the resulting joy and makes us search some incentives to increase average order amounts.

But, we’d never have had a chance to discover that fact, if we had no a robust and reliable reporting system. The Advanced Reports extension is exactly that required for numerous Magento users reporting tool, and today we release a new version of the module containing one more report type.

New Features

Orders Detailed Report

Starting from the current version Advanced Reports receives a new report added to the standard kit – Orders Detailed.

The Orders Detailed Report

The Orders Detailed Report

This report allows users to analyze sales by orders, the quantity of items per order, order shipment amounts, taxes, costs, revenues, and many other order attributes. This allows you to examine orders in details, find most profitable orders and outline the most promising and beneficial business model.

Moreover, following several requests from our customers we added the “Customer phone number” and “Customer address” columns to the Sales Detailed table in this version.

This way, the standard kit of the Advanced Report Magento extension contains already 13 default and 10 extra reports in the extended pack. And, the pack price of additional reports is much more beneficial than per unite purchases.


Farsighted and effective decisions are absolutely impossible without powerful and intelligent analytical software and the Advanced Reports extension is an advantageous option for that purpose. The standard reports kit amplified with the extended pack is able to highlight multiple facets of your business and create a full vision of your online store.

You can update and purchase this module on the product page in our store, get its detailed description from the Readme file, or try it in our live demos.