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Advanced Reports – extension and unit update!

To make the Advanced Reports extension compatible with recently released Magento v.1.4, we refused the idea of making any modifications in native Magento reports and have left them unaffected in the new version of Advanced Reports – reporting period range is not accessible in native reports anymore.

At the same time, one more advanced report has been implemented during the extension upgrading – the Sales report. This report type is the enhanced version of Magento Sales Report which allows you to display sales data on the chart and set up the pre-defined reporting period range.

Besides the New vs. Returning Customers unit for the Advanced Reports extension has undergone several changes. The unit has become not only absolutely compatible with Magento v.1.4, but it has become more informative – the percentage of new and returning customers is now automatically calculated and displayed as well.

Interested? Find more information about the extension and unit on the Advanced Reports page.