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aheadMetrics: Evolving from Beta to Stable with Subscription Plans and Free Trial

You know how crucial real-time sales statistics can be to an e-commerce site. Especially during the holiday season, when consumer spending reaches the highest point of the year.

But this blog post will not focus on how to maximize your sales. We’re going to focus on sales analytics provided by aheadMetrics reporting service and its exit from beta. So, if you are not using it, it’s high time to try!

Artyom Rabzonov, aheadMetrics coordinator, describes the service this way: “Our service is tailored to measure very specific parameters (sales, customers and orders) in contrast to other instruments aimed to track all metrics together. …All data is updated in real-time meaning there is no 24-hour delay when a vendor has to wait for the actual statistics.”


From Beta to Stable

After lots of work from the team, we’re thrilled to introduce a stable version of aheadMetrics. Since April, 2013 we’ve been chipping away at bugs and increasing performance bar. The aheadMetrics subscription service is 5 times faster since our very first release.

We're also announcing subscription plans, and a few features that we think will appeal to aheadMetrics users including subscription plans, the ability to display charts in Magento backend, and a revamped reports panel.

Plans and Pricing

  • Choose a Subscription Plan

We’ve developed four paid subscription plans and one free of charge. The only limitation of the plans is the number of orders imported into aheadMetrics from your store. Each subscription plan goes with a month of free access to the service. At the end of the trial period, you need to choose a paid subscription plan charged on monthly basis.

Each plan includes:

  • Access to all reports

  • Magento dashboard

  • Lifetime sales

  • Customers history

Plans and Pricing

  • Try for Free, Pay Later

Not sure what subscription plan to choose? Each plan entitles you to a free 30-day trial period. We don’t limit you with the number of orders, imported into the service.

Each plan entitles you to a free 30-day trial period with unlimited number of imported orders.

You have a full month to explore all report types and at the end of the trial period decide which plan suits your business more.

  • Free Plan

Run a small Magento store and can’t afford to pay for analytics? We offer free of charge plan!

It’s great for stores with up to 1,000 orders. Designed with small business owners in mind, it gives access to all report types and features included into paid plans.

Free plan requires:

  • No time limit

  • No credit card

“Great reporting, that you used to have to pay for. I would suggest it for my clients.”

Gabor Imre, eCommerce Designer

aheadMetrics dashboard in Magento backend

Our development team has implemented the possibility to use the aheadMetrics dashboard in Magento instead the native one.

Want a summary of reports on a single page? It easy! Just switch the native Magento dashboard to aheadMetrics in your store backend.

The dashboard includes date selector and 10 specified charts for fast and easy access to sales analytics:

  • Sales Overview

  • Sales Statistics

  • Bestsellers

  • Reviews

  • Sales by Hour

  • Sales by Day of Week

  • Sales by Country

  • Sales by Customer Group

  • New vs. Returning Customers

  • Orders by Status

    • These reports are built in seconds, so you have instant access to the numbers that really count for your business. Excited? So are we! You can try the Magento Dashboard Demo right now.

      aheadMetrics dashboard in Magento backend

      Functional and interface improvements

      • Fine-grained real-time data

      A number of usability improvements make the reports panel look smooth: better graphs, date selector, improved tables, joined data, new ways to reflect comparison tables.

      Stats provided by aheadMetrics can’t be overemphasized. It gives us a higher level of granularity and a set of useful views. Blessings I'm already spreading the good news with my dev eCommerce friends.”

      Cameron, Magento developer

      • Easily compare your data by periods

      It is so easy to analyze the sales in your web store because any aheadMetrics report allows you to select two periods and present both date ranges data in one graph. Google-like date widget makes the period selecting intuitive and attractive.

      • Save any report to analyze it later

      Generate the required information, save, and export any of your reports in CSV format for further analysis.

      • aheadMetrics supports multiple stores

      As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and I invite you to take a tour of aheadMetrics and see the demo of the service right away.

      In case you experience any difficulties or need help with your aheadMetrics account configuration, feel free to contact our support department at [email protected].