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aheadWorks Discounts and Special Offers - Save and Purchase More

We all know that most online merchants provide numerous promotional incentives to their customers: discounts, coupons, special offers, etc.

But sometimes customers just have no time to aggregate the entire list of available opportunities for savings.

We do not want our customers be among those fellows and provide you the list of available discounts, coupons, aheadWorks Reward Policy terms, and other benefits for your convenience. Just bookmark this post and wisely plan your purchases from aheadWorks since that time.

aheadWorks Discounts

Our company offers several regular discounts to our customers, which are delivered to all customer groups on an ongoing basis.

5% discount for two and more items in a cart
This discount is applied to the subtotal amount of the cart, which contains two or more products.

Facebook followers coupon code
All Facebook followers can take advantage of the provided discount applicable to all extensions and themes in our store. The coupon code with the 5% discount one can find here.

Special Offers

Each product page in our store contains a “Special Offer” tab, where you can find current best offers on our products. So, don’t forget to visit it during your sessions at our store.

One free month of aheadMetrics use
Today we provide free one-month trial period of the aheadMetrics analytics service, which allows you to import an unlimited number of orders for your reports.

Note: Multiple reports of the aheadMetrics service allow you to generate detailed statistics of your business in real time.

30% off the Market Segmentation Suite 2.0 extension
The discount is guaranteed for those customers, who buy Market Segmentation Suite 2.0 along with one or several following extensions: Advanced Newsletter, Points & Rewards, Z-Blocks, Follow Up Email, Checkout Promo, Pop-up+, Order Tags.

Note: Market Segmetation Suite is integrated with all these extensions and vastly expands the functionality of each mentioned above module.

SAS + Advanced Search = 20% off when bought together
Trying to make valuable Magento functionality more affordable for our customers aheadWorks provides sufficient discounts on integrated modules. And now we offer a 20% discount on the Advanced Search and Search Autocomplete and Suggest extensions, if these modules are purchased within one order.

Note: The integration of the mentioned above products allows you to use all facilities of the Sphinx search engine multiplied by the rich functionality of the SAS extension.

aheadWorks Points & Rewards Policy

In addition to discounts, each purchase and certain activities performed in our store bring money to your personal balance, which can be spent on extensions/themes or additional services.


Note: All rewards are summed up.

Comprehensive information about our Points & Rewards Policy you can find on the corresponding page of our store.

Other aheadWorks Promotions

Permanent Specials
We also offer our customers special prices on different extensions on a permanent basis. Usually the special contains three products discounted by 15% and lasts for about two or three weeks. Then we provide the discount on other three products and so on, but the offer is time limited, so do not miss the chance to purchase definite extensions at a reduced price right now.


So, attentive and wise customers can save up to 20% on each purchase and even more without any considerable efforts just staying in touch with us through the store, social networks or blog. Welcome to visit us. :)

If you have any questions regarding our discounts or special offers, please share them in comments below.