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aheadWorks in 2014: The Sum of the Year

At the end of each year we are accustomed to summarize our achievements and make plans for the future.
This year was very busy for us and Magento in general. Still, we can rightfully mark the 2014th year as a successful time for our company, as it put a lot of new extensions into our portfolio and draw numerous new customers.

We thank all our customers and want you to know that we greatly appreciate your loyalty and trustful attitude.

Summing Up the Year

Bestsellers 2014
We know that many of you like our products and prefer them when extending the functionality of your Magento stores. But, if you possibly missed some extremely useful modules, we’d like to highlight our bestselling extensions, according to the opinion of our customers.

Bestsellers 2014

Other Bestsellers

    • Advanced Reportsimproves the functionality of native Magento reports. Can be expanded with additional units;



    • AJAX Cart Pro - makes Magento cart UI absolutely customer friendly by the means of AJAX;


    • RMA - controls the return or exchange of items sold to customers;


    • Points and Rewards - is one of the most powerful solutions for enhancing customers’ loyalty, improving user experience, and increasing sales rates;


    • Automatic Related Products 2 - defines the rules for related products and offers people alternatives to the current product automatically.

New Extensions 2014
This year we have placed some new extensions and themes in our store, which greatly expanded our portfolio and the sphere of Magento functionality improvements.

The newly added Magento modules extend different Magento functionality areas, including products browsing and viewing, products and web forms management, social media widgets adding, age verification implementation, store credit functionality, and payment gateways integrations.


We also has several new valuable extensions for multi-store and multi-warehouse owners refining the shopping experience in such stores. The list of these extensions includes next products:

    • Store Locator – assists customers to locate your nearest stores;


    • the module automatically identifies the users location by their IP and redirects them to the appropriate storeview;


    • adds a new pickup shipping method to Magento and lets customers the nearest store, where they can pick their products;




New Themes 2014
Magento themes constitute a substantial part of our product line and we closely monitor the wishes of our customers regarding the theme’s quality and capabilities, and offer you only the best products.

This year we drastically updated the themes section, which now contains only advanced and modern Magento themes: iPhone Theme, Karizma, Duke, Access, Deluxe, Maestro, Glamour, Pulsar, Vespa, Electra, Activa, Avon, Laza, Akoha, Sylvain, Mode.


The Duke Theme

badge_money-back45-Day Money Back Guarantee Term
In 2014 we extended the money back guarantee term till 45 days and now you will certainly have enough time to make sure that the products you purchased perfectly suite your online stores.

Updates 2014
Totally we provided more than 170 updates for our extensions in 2014 and have even more in our plans for the next year.

Final Words

We thank all the customers, who stayed with us throughout the whole year and before. We wish you many new exciting starts and remarkable successes in 2015. Our team will continue to exert every effort to improve our products and make your ecommerce triumph with Magento come true.

If you have something to add to this post, please share your ideas in comments below.
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