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Aheadworks Partners with the B2B/B2C Magento Accelerator BULLDOG by Born

Aheadworks is constantly working on making more new partner projects and today we’d like to highlight our cooperation with BULLDOG, a Magento 2 accelerator delivered by Born.

Aheadworks Partners with the B2B/B2C Magento Accelerator BULLDOG by Born

BULLDOG is the solution that makes it possible to start and launch Magento 2 Commerce projects extremely fast and professionally.

In general, the process of building a Magento 2 Commerce website takes up to a year or even more. BULLDOG is a Magento Commerce Cloud solution. With it, merchants can accomplish the same within just two months and at reasonable prices.

Constantly maintained and updated by Born, BULLDOG provides e-commerce businesses with completely scalable and flexible Magento functionality enhanced by effective third-party extensions. The modules improve the basic workflow of a web store, including its usability and performance aspects.

We are also glad to take part in this great project with our most popular extensions. Hope that the additional functions they offer will be of great use and benefit. Especially since the included scope is quite diversified:

  • Help Desk Ultimate;

  • FAQ;

  • Subscription & Recurring Payments;

  • Coupon Code Generator;

  • Blog;

  • Store Locator;

  • Social Login.

Still, the solution includes many more plug-and-play features that make it possible to tailor your Magento Commerce projects closely aligned with your business strategy and competitive environment.

For more information please visit the project page or request a demo. For more information about our partnership and affiliate programs, please visit our website.