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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale on Magento 2 Extensions 2022

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale on Magento 2 Extensions 2022

November is in its full swing, and it means it’s time to enjoy favorable Black Friday deals. What is the best thing about BFCM is that it’s beneficial for all, including merchants. Together with boosted sales, merchants can take the advantage of deep discounts extensions providers offer. It’s a great chance to advance a store at a favorable price. 

Today, in honor of Black Friday 2022 and Cyber Monday Aheadworks starts its biggest sale of the year! A 25discount is applicable to the ENTIRE Magento 2 catalog*! To redeem the offer you’ll need to apply the coupon code 25BFCM at checkout on website. 

To help you choose a new functionality to improve your store, we’ve created a selection of the best-selling Magento 2 extensions to represent each category introduced on our website. Let’s start!


Sales and Marketing


BFCM is the best period to enhance your marketing strategy with a powerful extension, which will help you to promote your products and services better and increase your revenue.

One of the most popular Magento 2 extensions in this category is M2 Gift Card. For online stores, gift cards are a great opportunity to keep money within the store. Although a lot of shoppers take advantage of Black Friday sales to purchase gifts for Christmas holidays, it’s a common thing when they have no idea what product to choose. Gift cards, virtual, physical or combined, are the saviors in this case. You can design your gift cards to suit any holiday of the year, generate specific card codes and set card delivery and expiration dates, etc.

Gift Cards are a great way to encourage repeat purchases and increase average order value. You can buy a Gift Card extension for Magento 2 here.




The organization of the online store workflow is key to successful business making. A lot of factors can prevent businesses from achieving their goals, so it’s important to avoid such situations or resolve them on time. In the Administration category you can find extensions which will make this business sphere easier and help you optimize the processes.

Advanced Subscription Products for Magento 2 is a prominent representative of the Administration category. The extension allows merchants to achieve consistent revenue streams through subscriptions and memberships. During BFCM more buyers can be attracted to your store, and your task is to achieve retention. The subscription business model is the best option as it contributes to increased Customer Lifetime Value. 

Advanced Subscription Products allows Magento 2 merchants to sell both one-time and subscription products, offer benefits for subscriptions, set up different plans, etc. Find Advanced Subscription Products extension here.


Content Management


Content is what attracts buyers to your store and gives them an idea of what products you sell. The content management tools are designed to simplify the content creation process and give a space for storing it through smart arrangement and viewing permissions.

The must-have for every merchant is the Blog extension. It is the resource to drive organic traffic, educate your customers and share important news through. The extension allows merchants to manage blogs effortlessly, arrange content navigation, schedule posts and employ additional SEO configurations. During BFCM campaigns, blogs will become an effective tool to increase your SERP in organic search and attract more qualified traffic through useful and engaging content.

If you need a powerful Blog extension for Magento 2, follow this link.


User Experience


It’s a golden rule of all online stores that user experience should be on the top priority. It means that your store should have optimized speed, clear navigation, CTA buttons to skip unnecessary steps, etc. 

During Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other campaigns your checkout page is the most significant and, at the same time, vulnerable section of the store. According to the Baymard survey, the average cart abandonment rate is around 70%. It means that 7 out of 10 customers leave your store without completing their purchase at checkout. 

You can simplify the purchasing process by enabling one step checkout. Easily adjustable fields, address autocomplete options, clear Call to Action, mobile-responsive design - all these features improve user experience on your checkout page and contribute to order completion. Explore other useful features of the extension on the product page


B2B extensions


Big businesses need big solutions. During Black Friday customers become especially demanding, so the service and options should correspond. 

So B2B stores should create comfortable conditions for their clients by allowing companies to manage many accounts effortlessly, receive credits, ask for quotes, conduct requisition lists, etc. 

Aheadworks B2B extension suite provides you with all these features and even more. It’s a great combination of multiple functionalities to make your B2B business more successful and profit-bringing. Learn more about B2B suite here


To conclude


Aheadworks catalog consists of 57+ Magento 2 extensions for all tastes. Find the extension you like the most and purchase it with a 25% discount before November 28, 2022. 

Benefit from Balck Friday deals on Magento 2 extensions with Aheadworks!


*The discount is applicable to the license fee of the extension.