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aheadWorks Story: Why We Upgraded Our Magento Industry Partnership to a Platinum Level

The Magento market keeps steadily growing. More and more online merchants use the Magento platform for their online stores. The number of developers at Magento market is increasing as well - there are 800 000 worldwide. Partnership with Magento is an awesome possibility for any company to move to a new level of quality and reliability.

Qualification requirements for Magento partners are very high, though. They are especially high for Industry partners. It is not enough just to pay for Magento partnership – it is necessary to have an irreproachable report of service, to be an active member of the ecosystem and recognizable leader in your niche.

We'll tell you the reason why aheadWorks decided to reach the sky and acquire the highest - Platinum - Magento Partner status.

Magento Industry Partnership

Recently, Magento strengthened its Partner program and raised the bar for their partners by requiring them to meet more rigorous criteria. These changes mean that Magento moved to a whole new level of work with partners. Magento Partnership now means having high reputation, but not just money.

Our partnership with Magento has a long history. Quick facts from it:

    • We are about 4.5 years at the Magento market


    • Our developers were among the first who had got the Magento certification


    • aheadWorks has become among the first who offered the Magento customization service and started helping merchants to get maximum from their Magento stores


    • We are working with the clients who referred to us in 2009 for the first time and are still purchasing our products and services


    • aheadWorks has been actively participating in the development of the platform as well as Magento community


    • We were among the first who started launching products for Enterprise Edition and Go


    • We are among those few who still support Professional Edition


    • In 2011 aheadWorks became the Silver Industry Partner


    • In 2012 aheadWorks became the Silver Solution Partner

During these years we were diligently accumulating experience and earning indisputable reputation. Our long-standing partnership with Magento imposes a high responsibility and we just cannot help but have the highest level of partnership.

All that as well as the desire to help merchants get the maximum from their stores resulted in our Platinum Industry Partnership. Currently, only two companies among Industry Partners moved to the Platinum level – aheadWorks and WebShopApps.

By our personal example we want to show that Magento partnership is a very profitable form of cooperation. It gives many benefits and opens valuable possibilities. Platinum Partnership with Magento enabled aheadWorks with great opportunities:

    • first and/or second level support;


    • marketing support and promotion;


    • special terms and discounts on training and certification;


    • priority participation in Magento events around the world;


    • possibility to learn about future plans of Magento;


Participation in Magento events is a big bonus - it gives us a lot of opportunities for establishing new business relations, building brand awareness, promoting our products and services, and sharing ideas and experience.

You may ask what Platinum Industry Partnership means for us. It is eloquent testimony of the high quality of aheadWorks products and is the indicator of aheadWorks reliability and confidence placed in our company by Magento. Roy Rubin, the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer for Magento, proves us right.