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Add Files to Products with Extra Downloads Magento Extension

It’s time to announce something so basic and natural to eCommerce stores that I am surprised it’s not already included in Magento package by default.

How many of your products do have user manuals and different sorts of certificates? I think a whole lot of them! You may want to show your customers additional info about the product, often far exceeding the size of the description area.

We release Extra Downloads Magento extension to help you upload additional product documents in a moment!

Extra Downloads

Extra Downloads module allows you adding and sharing different types of files with customers on any product page.

We believe that the process of file uploading should be dead simple, and now it is! Look what you can do with Extra Downloads:

  • Share files with customers

  • Add documents to a separate block on a product page

  • Upload files of different types as many as you want

  • Upload files while editing products

  • Limit the size of uploaded files

  • View the statistics of downloads (!)

Want to clarify some Extra Downloads extension features? Visit a product page or drop a comment!