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April 6, 2010 Incident

April 6, 2010 some of our customers were experiencing problem accessing admin panel. This caused by our AW_All extension which is included into every aheadWorks extension. The reason of this problem was a hardware failure in our hosting company which had made our site and XML feed AW_All is looking for inaccessible for some time.

In order to prevent this in the future and give our customers 100%  guarantee this will not happen again we will move XML feed to Content Delivery Network  (CDN ). As an additional benefit, the XML feed will be accessible much faster due to the CDN distribution.

Updated AW_All will be released within 2 weeks. We will provide all our customers with detailed AW_All upgrade instruction.

AW_ All functions:

  • Display all aheadWorks extensions installed, its versions and availability of updates
    Extensions with updates available are marked with update icon.

  • Display direct links to products purchased
    You may visit extension page in one click to get additional info, updates user guides and demos.

  • aheadWorks extensions logging
    Logging helps customers provide aheadWorks support and developers with more information about extension behavior.

  • Notifications
    You are able to subscribe/unsubscribe form aheadWorks notifications as well as specify  area of your interest: your extensions updates, new releases, promotions and discounts.