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Magento 2 Company Accounts: Use Cases

Magento 2 Company Accounts: Use Cases

The Company Accounts extension by Aheadworks helps online vendors and their B2B customers interact as brands. The module allows creating and managing company accounts, defining roles for company members and setting restrictions on these roles. We would like to present some real-life use cases from our partners which the Magento 2 Company Accounts module helps resolve
Magento 2 Blog Use Cases

Magento 2 Blog Use Cases

Here at Aheadworks we fully realize that a blog is not only a SEO or community building tool for an online store. It is high time you advance your Magento 2 blog to include features which will transform it into a successful sales and promotion mechanism. We are happy to show in this post how Magento 2 Blog extension by Aheadworks can reach these aims.

How to Import and Export Magento 2 Data: a B2B Solution from FireBear

Dozens of articles describe how the B2B segment is taking over the e-commerce market. Some of the reviewers of the matter are positive about the changes. Others are in a non-stop search of ways to deal with the reformation. For both types, the fact is clear ‒ the situation is not a momentary process, but the result of the steady development of the supply-and-demand relations.
FREE elati. Magento 2 Theme

FREE elati. Magento 2 Theme with Purchase of One Step Checkout

Aheadworks, TemplateMonster and Zemez have teamed up to bring an incredible deal to all M2 Merchants: free Magento 2 theme of 4 design options with any One Step Checkout purchase. ADDITIONALLY, we complement the bundle for free with Payment Restrictions, the new extension boasting spiraling popularity! Impressive, to say the least, our team debut is to power up your M2 stores with cutting-edge web-design and broad-spectrum functionality to stand beyond competition.
AW 2019 Review

The Best of Aheadworks | Year in Review

2019 has proven to be a tremendous year of growth and recognition for Aheadworks. As a leader in the Premier Extension Building community, we were once again recognized by Magento as the Marketplace Innovator, this achievement marks our 4th time being recognized by Magento and taking home an award from Magento Imagine! Additionally, Aheadworks joined forces with Rave Digital, a top-rated Magento Professional Solution Partner. The merger has broadened our capabilities by combining and expanding on extensive eCommerce expertise on both the solution and technology side of Magento eCommerce allowing us to deliver holistic eCommerce solutions to our clients!
A Major Update to Santa’s List

A Major Update to Santa’s List | version 2019.1.0 by Aheadworks

With the 2019 year coming to a close, Aheadworks are to update Santa’s list with a good hundred boys and girls who did amazingly well this year. We have welcomed a great number of smarties on career exploration tours, met others at coding and engineering competitions. There have also been the bravest ones who tasted work life and apprenticed with Aheadworks.

How Much Support Does a Customer Support Team Need?

Customer-facing roles require high stamina and resilience, even when you worship and admire your job. In a regular workday, a customer support team stretch their emotional intelligence, continuously engage in creative problem-solving, sprint for response times, collect customer feedback, analyse gargantuan volumes of information and write sharp. Awesome people are those, who help!