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A Major Update to Santa’s List

A Major Update to Santa’s List | version 2019.1.0 by Aheadworks

Aheadworks to update Santa’s list: the kids are all right, hands-on and navigating to their true professional calling.

High-school students at Aheadworks

With the 2019 year coming to a close, Aheadworks are to update Santa's list with a good hundred boys and girls who did amazingly well this year. We have welcomed a great number of smarties on career exploration tours, met others at coding and engineering competitions. There have also been the bravest ones who tasted work life and apprenticed with Aheadworks.

Many of us parents ourselves, we understand the utter importance of guiding and supporting children toward their true professional calling. We are here to help them find their dreams. Therefore, Aheadworks spare no effort to work with students all year round within a variety of events. Let’s see how we have helped Santa top-up his hands-on kids list.


Career Exploration

An Open-Doors Day? We have a few. There have constantly been students in our office - all along the year, exploring the IT life and learning the many career paths it has on offer. With relaxed exterior, though acute minds the kids were keen on questioning, curiosity prompting them to a non-stop. The company studied, jobs explored, we would proceed to the calls for devotion and development the IT sector places for the freshmen. Finally, at the tea-and-biscuit time, taking pictures and chatting about this and that, we could get to the bottom of the things they want to do in life, we could help them identify their likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses so that they are able to translate all this knowledge into potential career pathways.

Artem Kuznetsov and local high school students

Coding Fest. Decoding the Impact

What luck was to take part in the Coding Fest 2019, as the speakers, jury and General Sponsor! Amazing people in there, and the contestants are just phenomenal. We wonder, if back in school or university years we could work that hard and produce such outstanding results. No spare moment for hesitation, we would hire all who presented their IT projects that day. Taking into account that Aheadworks does not have a jillion of job vacancies, your humble servant writing these lines, would then happily wash the dishes in our kitchen.

The Coding Fest is the initiative of Mogilev Agency for Region Development, an NGO to work with investors, launch and maintain investment projects, keep track of the competitive abilities of Mogilev city and Mogilev region in any sector of the economy, but with a particular focus on IT. 2019 saw the 4th time the Agency kindled the Coding Fest. By far, it is a great platform for the students of the region to present their IT projects, to network with local IT companies and institutions of education; for all of us - to celebrate bright wit and innovative insight.Coding Fest 2019

Internship & Fieldwork

At last, putting in a final word for the students to Santa, there have been a few who dared to come and taste the working life in reality, to spend hours (or as much as they are allowed to) shoulder to shoulder with our experts, adopting our tips and tricks, attitudes and values, acting as part of Aheadworks team. We are always happy to welcome university and college students for internship and fieldwork so that they are able to test their skills and get prepared for smooth transition to working life.

It is no secret we are hunting for talents, but it takes great effort to reveal them. Degree projects, research investigations, fieldwork or internship endeavors - Aheadworks will cover it all, due consulting, advice and guidance assured. Demanding but fair, we will teach and test the guys in the many fields of IT: software engineering, marketing, sales, human relations and etc. Best apprentices will then settle down and become our teammates.

Intership and fieldwork at Aheadworks

How do we find time for all that, you may ask? Life investment pays back, generously and graciously, especially when you are well-connected with Santa. He is the reason for a dream, we do our best to be of help to reach it.