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How Much Support Does a Customer Support Team Need?

Aheadworks experts to reveal the secrets of their top-notch customer support. Come and meet the team, in an up-front talk on their job-role needs and demands. 

How Much Support Does a Support Team Need

Customer-facing roles require high stamina and resilience, even when you worship and admire your job. In a regular workday, a customer support team stretch their emotional intelligence, continuously engage in creative problem-solving, sprint for response times, collect customer feedback, analyse gargantuan volumes of information and write sharp. Awesome people are those, who help! 

Though, let’s face it, these jobs can be exhausting. The expectation for customer support fellas to be relentlessly cheery is dangerous. There is a lot of care a customer support team need too. Just think about:

    • Self-care;


    • Continuous learning;


    • Interpersonal communication;


    • Team care.

Let’s talk to experts, the highly acclaimed Customer Support team from Aheadworks. Let’s see what they say.



Remember how the safety instruction goes on a flight? “Fit your oxygen-mask first, and then help the others”, they say and do not mean to be selfish or egocentric. This is a life principle. When it comes to the customer-service people, the “Care of Yourself First” rule becomes truly vital. By far, you will have far more to give if you imbue yourself first with some value and goodness. 

Here is what Aheadworks’ team say on cultivating a happy and healthy self: 

    • Read for pleasure. There is a lot you read at work, of course. So, take a little time and slow down into the virtual reality of imaginary worlds.


    • Give your body a good stretch. Though we spend ages in upright chairs and in front of blue screens, these are false friends. Be more energetic and move your body in the off-time.


    • Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings. Notice how you feel, and be non-judgemental about that.


    • Set boundaries and take breaks. Stick to your family and friends, they also shape majorly who you are.

Kate Ananenko


Continuous learning

Though an integral part of the self-care practice, lifelong learning also happens beyond academic frameworks, and often beyond our own control. It is life-deep and life-wide at the same time too. Learning can and does occur in the areas of work, community and family, for example. It is subject to transformation within work experience, social change, aging, and community development. The right time for learning is always.

Having this inclusive vision in mind, think of your learning from customers. What have you learnt about being in need, asking for help, prompting replies, being thankful? Grab the best, learn to see the wrong.

Tanya Poleshchuk

Interpersonal communication

Taking care of yourself and working out all the opportunities of learning bring you to understanding what the following aspects of your job are truly about:

    • responding rapidly,


    • de-escalating tough situations,


    • reducing churn,


    • creative thinking.

Indeed, your job is basically about building and sustaining interpersonal relations. Ask yourself, whether you help a person or the issue the person has. How do you tell your customer’s personality? Do you ask if they understand? Do you try being unexpected, being a real person not a bot? How do you tell customers you love your job? When we create emotional bonds with customers, we gain trust.

Vitaly Badeev

Team care

...starts outside a Customer Support department. FAQ pages, knowledge base, neat readme files, instructional videos and demos prompt customers to solve problems on their own and release us from excessive workload. There are a lot of people behind these resources, our colleagues, who take a great deal of effort into the common cause. Customer service is everyone’s job, it is not a department. 

Thinking further about team-work and internal coordination of thereof, it is absolutely essential for us to have some helpdesk software. These tools enable support people to work together to effectively address the post-sales customer problems. A solid module, like Help Desk Ultimate for Magento 2 from Aheadworks, can even capture notes about what the customer’s needs, challenges and opportunities are. These may help figure out how the company can best fulfill the above needs in a most profitable way.

Finally, on the meta-level of team-work, we need people infected with happiness. We hope to pass it onto each other via the short one-on-ones, sporadic check-ins, via the open corporate culture of conversation with venting opportunities. We need each other.


Instead of conclusion

To sum-up, this is what we do here at Aheadworks, to provide top-notch customer service. Navigating human feelings and emotions in a professional space, fostering wellness, allowing for the feeling of support and care, providing space for ourselves, encouraging interpersonal relations - all for the customer support to help customers in no time.   

Our story told, the best customer support team is already hired! Wishing you luck to get the right people employed and the right environment settled. The rest is possible with a little help of your friends and Help Desk Ultimate from Aheadworks.

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