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AR for Magento 2 stores

Measure & Analyze Product Performance in Magento 2

Measure product performance and create effective sales strategies with Advanced Reports, a bestselling Magento 2 extension from Aheadworks.

Utilizing Advanced Reports for Magento 2 Stores

You are in control of your Magento eCommerce success, and we, here at Aheadworks are eager to facilitate your analytical capabilities. Our Magento 2 reporting modules retrieve and populate your data in an organized and collective way, allowing merchants to analyze store performance quickly and accurately!

Let’s review how Aheadworks  Advanced Reports helps you retrieve data on product performance in your Magento 2 store.

Advanced Reporting

By default, the Magento 2 platform provides native reports with basic numbers and figures on sales, product and customer performance, reviews and marketing activities. Magento’s Business Intelligence suite provides merchants with much more detail on key metrics, analytics, as well as advanced data visualization tools. And the final option being an extension designed to advance Magento native reports and functionality, similar to Magento’s Business Intelligence Suite, but at a much lower cost.

When weighing out the available options for advanced Magento reporting, merchants need to consider their needs in conjunction with their budget, as well as extension quality, reporting accuracy and speed. Which leads us to the Advanced Reports extension for Magento 2 by Aheadworks.

Aheadworks Advanced Reporting module provides accurate and precise data as well as dynamic data visualizations clearly portraying your store's performance.  M2 Advanced Reports also allows merchants to compare and contrast key metrics with 12 multi-criteria, configurable reports:

General Magento comparative reports:

  • Sales Overview report

  • Traffic and Conversions report

  • Abandoned Carts report

  • Customer Sales report

Detailed Magento comparative reports:

  • Product Performance report

  • Sales Detailed report against 45 indices

  • Sales by Category report

  • Sales by Product Attributes report

  • Sales by Location report

  • Sales by Coupon Code report

  • Sales by Payment Type report

  • Sales by Manufacturer report

Advanced Reports provide an exceptional user experience, featuring colorful totals, on-hover details, configurable time intervals, multi-functional calendar, and dual Y-axis. All designed to provide merchants the ability to quickly view figures and identify trends.

[caption id="attachment_46263" align="aligncenter" width="1022"]Product Performance Report A sample product performance report featuring powerful visualization tools[/caption]

Advanced Distribution Capabilities

Aheadworks knows that effective data analysis and subsequent decision-making requires participation from the entire team. Which is why we built advanced sending capabilities into our reporting module, including scheduling, assigning report sends to designated team members, report sending email templates, and export functionality.

Advanced Reports  is flexible and is customizable based on your needs, and allows merchants to:

  • Schedule reports to send weekly, monthly or quarterly

  • Select unlimited recipients per scheduled report send

  • Use provided email template or customize your own

  • Select up to 12 reports per scheduled send

  • Individualized reporting with up to 45 columns to select

  • Download in CSV and/or Excel XML (see graphic below)

[caption id="attachment_46266" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Scheduled Emailing in M2 Advanced Reports A sample configuration of scheduled emailing and an email template[/caption]

Advanced Recording

Full Data analysis and comparative product performance reporting are available in the Advanced Reports module; however, we understand reasonable pricing, smart design and accurate programming does not solely deem an extension appropriate for all Magento merchants, so we’ve also ensured top speed performance when processing your Magneto 2 store data!

Advanced Reports brings indexation into play, meaning all data reported is pre-generated, and when a report is loaded, data is displayed on your screen without contacting the store server, and by default reports are reindexed once a day ensuring that data is always up-to-date;  however, if you want to perform a manual reindex, that is always an option!

Aheadworks Advanced Reports extension was designed to work with varying numbers of orders: from small to very large. For M2 stores hosted on a decent server indexation of 200k+ orders will take just a couple of minutes. Thus, we guarantee that generating a report for an order-heavy store will not result in extreme server load or any downtimes.

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Holistic Data Analysis

Access reports easily and begin creating effective sales strategies with Aheadworks Advanced Reports for Magento 2! Contrast and compare data, email snapshots to your team, export and import selected statistics. Gain access to even more performance indices by integrating Gift Card, Rewards Points as well as additional Aheadworks extensions. Exercise a complete control over your merchandising success.

The information you get enables you to save a lot of money which you can allocate to other initiatives. Furthermore, Advanced Reporting helps you identify the sectors of your business that are draining finances unnecessarily and the areas that need more focus. On top of that, data analysis makes every action precise and straight to the point, avoiding activities that have no added value to the business.

Advanced Reports processes all the data of your Magento 2 store and translates it into an easy to understand, highly informative manner!

Aheadworks Advanced Reports Logo

Magento 2 Advanced Reports provides a comprehensive view of your Magento 2 store performance allowing for holistic data analysis!

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