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Better Thank You Page Ver. 1.1 Creates Personal Order Success Pages for Each Customer

The Better Thank You Page Extension for MagentoDetails create the big picture.
Sanford I. Weill. An American banker, financier and philanthropist.

Details are never inessential. We should use all available opportunities to finish successfully each transaction and create a positive background for next purchases.

The Better Thank You Page extension offers that inconspicuous functionality, which makes customers feel satisfied and come back again. The 1.1 version of the extension has even more options to create unforgettable farewells to your shoppers.

New Features

Rule-based Order Success Pages
The main and most powerful functionality improvement of the Better Thank You Page ver. 1.1 extension are the rule-based Order Information and CMS Block sections.

Multiple rule conditions provide Magento store owners an opportunity to create truly individual and effective Magento “Thank You Pages” precisely directed to the target audience. Unlimited number of conditions and condition combinations allows you to create and deliver your promotions to any customer audience segments, wide or narrow, as you wish.

You can display promotional coupons to certain customers, brand new products or any other individual incentives to specific custom groups.

The Better Thank You Page rules configuration is available from the backend and consists of three tabs: General, Conditions, and Actions. Refer to the gallery below.

[gallery link="file" ids="33364,33365,33366"]

Better Thank You Page Rules

Advanced Newsletter Integration
The opportunity for integration with the Advanced Newsletter extension further enhances newsletter subscription functionality and allows customers to sign up for only specific product segments.

The Advanced Newsletter Integration

The Advanced Newsletter Integration

The settings of the newsletter subscriptions, including the Advanced Newsletter integration, are accessible from: System -> Configuration -> Better Thank You Page -> Newsletter Subscription Section.

2 gen2

The Newsletter Subscription Section

Custom Text in Social Networks
The Better Thank You Page extension allows you to place various social media icons on the order success page and, this way, provide customers an opportunity to share their purchasing experience.

The new version of the extension even more widens this functionality and allows you to specify an original text regarding shoppers’ purchases to be posted in social networks.

This option is configured from the backend: System -> Configuration -> Better Thank You Page -> Social Network Sharing Section -> “Sharing Text” field.

1 gen

The Social Network Sharing Section

The comprehensive information about the updated Better Thank You Page extension is available on the product page at our store. You can also try the extension in action and get an overall idea about its configuration opportunities in our demo stores.

If you have any questions about this extension, you can direct them to our support team or ask them in comments below.