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Book Review: "Mastering Magento Theme Design" by Andrea Sacca

Knowledge is never too much. It is an absolute true, but when you are dealing with Magento, this statement looks even more reasonable.

In this post we continue our tradition of book reviews and open in front of our readers one more useful Magento guide, and, as usual, we encourage you to read the review carefully as at the end of this post we hold a contest for the visitors of our blog.

So, today we’d like to draw your attention to the “Mastering Magento Theme Design” tutorial by Andrea Sacca, which shares a comprehensive expertise of the advanced Magento themes design.



Andrea Sacca is a front end developer and web designer, who creates great appearance for different eCommerce stores, including start-ups and individual shops. Starting his career in 2012 as a web designer for some renowned web agencies, today he is a founder of his own company - 1604lab in Rome.

He is a Magento Certified Front End Developer and recently took part in the Meet Magento Italy Conference, as a speaker.

We contacted Adrea and asked him to share his impressions about this significant for the Italian eCommerce market event:

Andrea: It was a great experience for me. The Webformat team asked me to participate as speaker in order to talk about my book and about the front-end of Magento.

I talked about the importance of the responsive web design and Mobile commerce, and how to create a responsive Magento Theme based on Bootstrap. You can take a look at the slides here.

It was nice to meet a lot of developers there, talk to merchants, and people from the Magento team, such as Ben Marks. As you know, during such events you can establish a lot of new contacts and, possibly, start new business with people from all over the world (not only from your own country).

I think that it was one of the most important eCommerce events in Italy. Italy is often "late" with innovations and new technologies, while the events like Meet Magento highlight the importance of eCommerce and the power of this great CMS. As for me, I have already got many requests for new projects just after my speech, and it is a great confirmation that people want to invest in eCommerce and create new online shops.

I work for a lot of customers here in Italy, and 90% of them use Magento for their eShops. So, I think that Magento greatly affects eCommerce in Italy, as well as all around the world.

aW: Thank you very much Andrea for your view of the conference and the Italian eCommerce market. It is truly interesting and reflects the opinion of the real participant of the local market.

Now, let’s get down to the book review.

Book Review

Mastering Magento Theme DesignAudience
This book is certainly not for people with an initial experience in Magento and web design. It is either for experienced designers, who want to start with Magento, or for front-end Magento developers trying to create advanced Magento themes.

The contents of the book is rather extensive and contains 10 detailed chapters, which cover the topics starting from the basic information about the Magento theme file structure and finishing with backend theme admin panel and packaging Magento themes to be sold in the most popular marketplaces.

Thus, the book is also very useful for freelance designers, who want to sell their Magento themes online.

The full contents are available on the book page at the PacktPub store.

The structure of the book is clear and logical, as it guides readers from the Magento themes introduction to creation of perfect customized products, fully responsive and social networks friendly.

The book is highly supported by useful and timely notifications, comments, and detailed code extracts. Some chapters contain practical tips and recommended tool lists, what makes the book focused on the practice of Magento design.

The book is very valuable for those designers, who want to create really noteworthy themes, and can be definitely called a guide for Magento Themes Design. The Mastering Magento Theme Design tutorial provides lots of useful information in a clear and comprehensible manner without any confusing passages and allows readers to concentrate entirely on their projects.

Our Contest

As usually, the terms of our game are very simple and allow each of you to take part in it.

The only thing you should do is to write down in comments below your most favorite or amazing Magento Theme and explain your choice in a couple of sentences. The best themes and explanations will get an e-copy of the Mastering Magento Theme Design book.

A week later we’ll announce three winners and their themes in our blog. So, good luck to everyone.

P.S. Those, who are not planning to participate, still can visit us next week, as, perhaps, our theme suggestions will be valuable for you. :)