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Booking and Reservations 1.2 released!

The painstaking work over the Booking and Reservations extension by aheadWorks has been finally completed! We are glad to announce that the software has become more appealing and easy to use both for customers and store owners as a number of new features has been implemented:

AJAX support
The AJAX technique makes the Booking and Reservations extension more user-friendly. It implies that now while changing reserved period at frontend, the price is changed dynamically. Besides calendar loading and navigation occurs with the AJAX technology usage as well.

Moreover, now it supports the AJAX Cart Pro extension by aheadWorks what allows your customers to avoid annoying page reloads after adding booking products to cart.

Extended admin options
From the Booking module configuration page added you can specify:

  • how many calendar pages will be displayed on the Product page

  • how many days the booked item is kept in abandoned cart and the booked period is unavailable for reserving even without being checked out

Booking and Reservation Configuration


"Live" price
Want to know the product price after changing custom options? Tired of necessity to visit shopping cart to learn the product price every time after changing item’s options? With new "live" price feature of Booking and Reservations you can always trace how the price increases or decreases immediately after changing item’s options.

Live price


Supplemented order and invoice data
Booking and Reservations v.1.2 adds booking period to Order details page and invoice. Thus you can view the whole information about the item ordered/invoiced – its name, price, quantity, period of reservation, etc. – from one current page and avoid additional pages loading. The invoice which customers receive contains the reservation period as well.


Items odered


Now the work of Booking and Reservations is more stable as the following bugs have been fixed as well:

  • "Recurrent day of week" option works incorrectly

  • Possibility to order a bookable product on excluded days

  • "Duplicate" button disappears

  • Wrong custom options summing

  • IE incompatible JSON notation

  • Backend crash after exporting/re-importing all products to CSV

  • Some minor bug fixes

Please find the complete changelog on the Booking and Reservations page.